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TimeBomb PVP experience like no other

by ftbastler, maintained by ipr0james



Did you ever play tag? If so, this interesting take on the game will certainly get your attention. TimeBomb is a game mode where players are spawned into an arena, with a certain number of them carrying TNT. The idea is to tag other players with it, so they wind up carrying the TNT instead of you; once the 1-minute timer runs out, whoever's left carrying the TNT blows up, and the survivors get points! Of course, it's not as easy as merely tagging your opponents. The maps are also covered with various wool blocks, each one providing a different effect when walked on: green wool makes you instantly jump very high, blue wool makes you run very fast... - minecraftforum.net



Try to not be given the bomb. If you get it, there is a cooldown time, which can bee seen in your XP bar. Sneaking decreaes the time, sprinting increases it. If the cooldown time is over (XP bar is full) you can give the TNT to other players by hitting them. While you are holding the TNT your nameplate gets red. After one minute all current holders of bombs will explode and loose points.


If the game has more than 5 players, one player will start with the GoldProtection. This block gives you speed and two-block-high jump. Players with TimeBombs can't give you the bomb. While you are holding the GoldBlock your nameplate gets gold. Other players can grab the GoldProtection by hitting you. There is no cooldown, so you can get it back right after that. At the end of the game the holder of the GoldProtection gets two points.



Players with the Timebomb (TimeBombers) have to pass the bomb on to others by hitting them. Current holders of the bombs will die after some time and loose the game!


TimeBombers have to infect everyone! This means, when they hit others, that person gets infected but they will stay infected as well. Other players have to try to not get infected.


Red Wool

Gives you two-block-high jump for some seconds.

Blue wool

Gives you speed for some seconds.

Green wool

Gives you instant-high jump.


  • Permissions plugin
  • MySQL database
  • Vault


User commands

/tbhelp, voteHelp, list of commands and voting for maps!
/tbshopnone, cartShopping!
/tbscorenone, rankScores!

Admin commands

/tbhstart, enable, disable, warp, addpoints, addcash, force, ...dmin commands for the plugin.
/tbzonelist, spawn, create, deleteCreate the spawn for a new map.


tb.vipMakes the player VIP
tb.adminMakes the player Admin



I will try to read comments and tickets quickly but if I do not respond please feel free to add my skype "ipr0james" to get a quicker response.


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