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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


The project is being delayed until the start of August, So if anyone is awaiting for this, It will have to wait.

The plugin is created to make it easier for staff to help the players by adding a ticket functionality, It allows staff to read, delete, control the tickets, and configure them to fit the players needs. The system of tickets is simple to use for players, they will submit a ticket, then all staff online will be notified that a new ticket has been submitted. Once a staff member has read it, the player will be notified that the ticket was read. Once a staff member replies, The player will also be notified. If the player is offline during the notifications, It will save the notification to file, and every minute the plugin will check for notifications to send out.


  • The ability to disable someone submitting tickets, If a player spams the tickets, you can disable it just for that player.
  • Ability to delete all tickets submitted by 1 player.


Please note, most commands are not finished, I will mark each one that is finished with (Completed)

  • (Completed) /ticket - Will list all the commands available.
  • (Uncompleted)/ticket new <issue> - It will create a ticket that staff will be able to see, and reply to. Also it will return a ticket id.
  • (Uncompleted) /ticket reply <id> - For staff to reply to the ticket, Also players will be able to reply to there own ticket.
  • (Uncompleted) /ticket delete <id> - Staff will be able to delete tickets, And players may be allowed to delete their own.
  • (Uncompleted) /ticket listnew - staff can view recent tickets in a list of id's or questions.
  • (Uncompleted) /ticket view <id> - Staff can view certain ticket id's. Also the player will be able to.
  • (Uncompleted) /ticket cleanup - It will remove any tickets older than a certain date defined in the config.
  • (Uncompleted) /ticket lockall - This will be a lock to stop all players from submitting tickets.
  • (Uncompleted) /ticket unlockall - This will unlock players from submitting tickets if it was locked (Above command)
  • (Uncompleted) /ticket lock <player> - It will stop a certain player from submitting tickets
  • (Uncompleted) /ticket unlock <player> - It will allow a player that has been locked from starting a ticket.
  • (Uncompleted) /ticket deleteall <player> - It will delete all tickets made by a certain player.
  • (Uncompleted) Players will have certain times before they can create another ticket. It will be defined in the config.
  • (Uncompleted) /ticket reload - It will reload the configuration.
  • (Uncompleted) A timer that will send out notifications.
  • (Uncompleted) /ticket list - Shows all the tickets by the player who did the command.




# This is the configuration for Tickets.
# Don't want players creating tickets? lock it.
lockTickets: false
#This is the time that a player must wait before creating another ticket. (seconds)
WaitTime: 3600


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