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Welcome to 2022 the world has changed a lot eh? The economy is at 100%, and unemployment is at 1%. The world is good! Well, not so quickly my friend! The annual Purge has come and it is time to prove yourself! Team up with friends and fight off the ghastly Hunters or attack the wimpy survivors! Who will survive? Get items to make the killings easier or donate to get to the top quickly! And remember to lookout for the backstabber, he could be anyone!

- MySQL/Flatfile Stats
- Multiple Games/Arenas
- Fully permission based

- Hunter
- Survivor

- Medic - Survivor Team - can heal teammates when damaged from by hunters.
- Backstabber - Survivor Team / Switching To Hunter Mid Game - Backstabbers will start off with a knife and halfway through the game will be told they are a backstabber they then should kill the remaining survivors if all the hunters are dead. (Deciding either to get backstabber midway through even if the hunters are alive or dead!)
- Boss Of Hunters - Hunter Team- Control your team of the Hunters to get the survivors and get into the house and kill the subjects!

- Knife
- Flashlight
- Running Shoes
- Food
- Deagle (80 ammo clip)
- Black Leather Check
- Black Leather Helmet
- Bullet proof vest

More coming soon! Leave your suggestions below.


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