Why use TheAPI ?
TheAPI is open-source on discord group of DevTec
With many features and more incoming!

Looking for source-code ?

Our project is located on github:

Commands permissions:

  • TheAPI.Command.<NameOfCommand>

TheAPI Events: (me.DevTec.Utils.Listener.Events package)

  • ServerListPingEvent
  • DamageGodPlayerByEntityEvent
  • DamageGodPlayerEvent
  • ConsoleLogEvent
  • ServerReceiveMessageEvent
  • ClientReceiveMessageEvent
  • EntityMoveEvent (Speed of checking can be edited in config)


  • BossBar for 1.7.10+ (BossBar.class)
  • Blocks utils (BlocksAPI.class)
  • Custom configuration (Config.class)
  • Custom scheduler (Scheduler.class & Tasker.class)
  • Custom schematic (WorldSchematic.class & VirtualSchematic.class)
  • Cooldowns (CooldownAPI)
  • Creator of Items (ItemCreatorAPI.class)
  • Economy classes (Connected to Vault:
  • EconomyAPI.class & Not connected to Vault: FakeEconomyAPI.class)
  • Enchantments from minecraft and bukkit names (EnchantmentAPI.class)
  • GUI creator (GUI.class)
  • HEX Support for 1.16+ (#17a8d9HEX)
  • Memory utils (MemoryAPI.class)
  • NMS helper (NMSAPI.class & Ref.class)
  • Other utils like getting Int from String or Converting Long to String Time (StringUtils.class)
  • Punishment utils (PunishmentAPI.class, PlayerBanList.class & BanList.class)
  • NMS helper (NMSAPI.class & Ref.class)
  • Player nametag utils (NameTagAPI.class)
  • Plugin manager utils (PluginManagerAPI.class)
  • PlaceholderAPI & Custom PlaceholderAPI utils (PlaceholderAPI.class & ThePlaceholderAPI.class)
  • PacketListener (PacketListener.class)
  • Scoreboard creator (Packets scoreboard ScoreboardAPI.class)
  • Sorting of Map (RankingAPI.class)
  • Sign utils (SignAPI.class)
  • TabList utils (TabListAPI.class)
  • Worlds manager utils (WorldsManager.class)
  • World border utils (WorldBorderAPI.class)
  • SQL utils (SQLAPI.class)
  • Sum of some useful classes (Animation, Compressors, Data, HoverMessage (Support for CraftBukkit), MultiMap<Key, Thread, Value>, PercentageList<T>, Position (Like Bukkit Location), SlowLoop, TheCoder, TheMaterial, User....)

How to use TheAPI:

  1. To the plugin.yml put "depend: [TheAPI]"
  2. Install plugin to the server
  3. Enjoy this awesome API!

How to setup project in IntelliJ with TheAPI:


Special thanks to BESSGEORG for creating the logo




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