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SPAWNJOIN IS WORKING ON SPIGOT/BUKKIT 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, and 1.11.x

The all in one teleportation plugin!
Not only does this plugin handle SpawnJoin (teleportation on join) it also handles, per world spawns, per world respawns, hubs, lobbies, warps and more!
SpawnJoin can teleport players to a desired location when they join, perfect for minigames servers or any server that wants that.
It can also handle an unlimited amount of warps, hubs, lobbies, and spectating locations.
Not only does SpawnJoin have all this, but is super customizable!

SpawnJoin is perfect for all servers, big or small, one world or twenty, creative or mini games, it doesn't matter!

New features highlighted and underlined in Green.

Current version: 5.1.6 for Bukkit and Spigot 1.8.x and 1.9.x and 1.10.x

Promo and How-To Video

If you have made, or want to make a promo/tutorial video, send me the link and I will add it to this page

English. For version 3.1.1


  • Teleport players to either the hub, lobby, or spawn upon join as defined in the config!
    • Can be disabled completely, or made so no player can bypass this.
    • Can only apply to certain worlds
      • For example: If I add the world "Minigames" to the list, then any player that joins in that world will be teleported to the location specified.
      • This is useful for any servers that do not want players joining/getting stuck in certain worlds (like minigames worlds after a server crash or other issue, a shop world, etc).
  • Bypass the auto teleport with the permission SpawnJoin.bypass.join
  • Update checker to notify you of new SpawnJoin updates (can be disabled in config)
  • Spawns
    • Inventory menu
      • Use /invspawn to open.
    • Perworld spawns
    • Optional respawn handling
      • Will respawn a player in the world they died in. (Perworld respawns).
    • /spawns to list spawns
  • SpawnData.yml the allow you to group respawn worlds together
  • Hubs
    • Inventory menu
      • Use /invhub to open.
    • Set hubs, delete hubs, teleport to hubs, list hubs.
    • Edithub command to edit the cost, name, or item.
    • Customizable delay set in config (set in seconds)
  • Lobbies
    • inventory menu
      • Use /invlobby to open.
    • Set lobbies, delete lobbies, teleport to lobbies, list lobbies.
    • Editlobby command to edit the cost, name, or item.
    • Customizable delay set in config (set in seconds)
  • Warps
    • Inventory menu
      • Use /invwarp to open.
    • Set warps, delete warps, teleport to warps, list warps.
    • Editwarp command the edit the cost, name, or item.
    • Customizable delay set in the config (in seconds).
  • Spectating locations
    • Set spectating locations, delete spectating locations, teleport to spectating locations, list spectating locations.
    • Customizable delay set in config (set in seconds)
  • Homes
    • Inventory menu
      • Use /invhome to open.
    • Set a home, delete a home, teleport to your home, list your homes.
    • Multiple homes.
      • Managed per player, can be set in the HomeData.yml in the Data folder or through the edit home command.
    • Edit home command to edit the max amount of homes a player can set.
      • /edithome Shades161 limit 4 (Now Shades161 can set a max of 4 homes.)
    • Customizable bypass set in config (set in seconds)
    • Homes support UUID
    • You can set the default amount of homes for players in the config file (only for new players however)
    • Homes now supports groups/ranks for setting limits.
      • This feature now allows players to have permissions which allows for several players to have the same home limit based on group/rank.
      • Permission:
    • Homes now have a global limit set in the config.
      • This will override the per player limits in the homeData.yml file.
      • Having the limit bypass permission will override this.
  • Custom prefix.
  • Custom message color support.
  • Customizable messages.
  • Tpr
    • Teleport random within a certain radius and in as many or few worlds as you want.
    • Customizable cooldown and delay set in config (set in seconds).
  • Signs
  • Per warp, hub, lobby, and spectating location permissions.
    • Allow only some users to go to one location, while others can't go there.
  • warps, hubs, and lobbies lists now recognize if a player has a permission to teleport to that location.
    • Green if you have permission, red if you do not.
  • Ability to enable or disable what commands you want in the config.
  • All locations now stored in their own files!
  • All delays and cooldowns have a bypass permission on the Commands & Permissions page
  • Supports multiple worlds.
  • Disable whatever features you would like to.
  • Takes no ram or cpu usage!

Planned Features

  • Add economy support.
  • More coming soon!
  • Want a feature but don't see it?
    • Suggest it in the comments or the tickets!!!!!


  • Some warp, hub, and lobby names glitch in the new lists. Depending on the name, it will appear half green half red.
    • Looking into and fixing.
  • /editsign command does not seem to work.
  • If you find a bug, please report it in the tickets system or the comments for the plugin.

Additional Information

  • Need help?? Want to request a new feature? Want to contact me quickly? Something else? Join my discord server now!
  • Tested and working on CloudCraft. Ip:
  • Looking for translators!
    • If interested please pm me!!
  • If you find any bugs please put them in the tickets system for this plugin.
  • Incompatible with plugins that have the same commands (SpawnJoin takes priority!!!!).

    Note: If you are issuing commands used for SpawnJoin and nothing happens (Nothing in chat or the console), fix it by going to your config.yml file and making sure that command is enabled! If this does not fix the issue. Report a ticket with your latest.log (found at server-root/logs/latest.log) and your config.yml for SpawnJoin.

Developer Notes

  • Version 5.0.0 marks a new milestone, with this update, the long awaited inventory GUI menus are finally here as well as new features to make the plugin better, and a huge amount of bug fixes and improvements.

Official Server

CloudCraft Server Banner

Cloudcraft is the official server running this plugin and is my test server for any other plugins i develop as well as it is a 24/7 server for minigames
survival creative and more!
This server is owned by me, shades161.


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