Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

TekkroStocks is a plugin taken from the Tekkro Gaming Network. Its main functionality is to add a complex, yet easy to use stock market to the game, and optional web graphs.

In the past several months, there have been three private versions of TekkroStocks, each with a completely different trading system:

Version 1:
- Stocks were non-physical, kept track of each users stocks via SQL, and had /portfolio command
- Users could buy/sell unlimited amounts of each stock via /buystock <name> <amount> and /sellstock <name> <amount>
- Stock prices randomly rose or fell 0-5% per update (update time configurable)
- Downside: Above features made it very easy to repeatedly double your money, not very challenging

Version 2:
- Limited amount of stocks
- Kept track of using SQL and /portfolio. Non-physical
- Users could set the sell and buy offer price they wanted, and it would only complete the transaction when a valid match is created.
- Downside: the richer players were hoarding stocks and forcefully doubling the price of any stock they wish, and trading stagnated after a week or two

Version 3:
- Stocks are physical items. Represented by a piece of paper with lore text displaying the corresponding stock name.
- No commands in this version, all trading is done at an outpost using buy and sell signs for each stock.
- Prices automatically adjust a fixed amount after each transaction
- Users can buy/sell to the server, or to each other
- Downside: rich players buying out a stock stagnates trading.

I am looking to make this plugin the best stock market available on Bukkit. It will be completely open source (once it is available!).

To get this plugin ready for public use, I would like to re-write the core functionality one last time, but using the ideas of the Bukkit community. The system has to be solid, and free of exploits. The versions listed above are good examples of a great idea that did not work out as planned. Once a new trading system has been brainstormed, this plugin will undergo regular maintenance and updates.

All suggestions and ideas are appreciated! Hopefully will be launched soon :)


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