TeamTeleport is an open source plugin that centers around the idea of making players able to teleport only between team members. The plugin aims toward the goal of becoming a full-fledged team plugin. Though still immature, the plugin makes a great addition for teamed pvp-servers.

The project is under constant development, and is very open to suggestions. What did you always want to be able to do, which that one otherwise perfect teleport-plugin lacked? Well that's what this is all about. If you just can't wait for some specific tinkering to be done, feel free to try and do it yourself; the sources are right below!

Installation / Configuration

  1. Java 7 is required.
  2. Download the recommended version (usually the latest) of TeamTeleport.
  3. Place TeamTeleport.jar into your <MinecraftServer>/plugins -folder.
  4. Run or reload your server.
  5. In your plugins-folder, a TeamTeleport-folder will have been created. In it you can find the configuration files.


  • Allow teleportation only between specified players.
  • Ask player for permission to teleport. Configurable to true/false.
  • Configurable delay for teleportation to happen.
  • Teleportation is cancelled if attacked by an entity (mob/player). Configurable to true/false.
  • Configurable offset from target when teleporting: Teleport 2 blocks away, for example, or 1000 if you want. Offset is configurable in all 3 dimensions.
  • Team warps! You can set a warp that can only be accessed by your team members.
  • New players are handled appropriately: Auto assign them to teams and stuff like that. See more configs from the config.yml file.


As of v0.3.0

/tt reloadReloads the configuration files.
/tt teleTeleport to the specified player, if he/she is your 'child' or is in your team.
/tt allowAllow a specific requested teleport, or all of them.
/tt denyDeny a specific requested teleport, or all of them.
/tt cancelCancel a specific teleport, or all of them.
/tt joinJoin the specified team, if you are allowed to.
/tt setUsed to configure the plugin in-game.
/tt warpWarp to a warp point, create a warp point, or remove one.
/tt listList something you want. /tt list all lists everything you can list.
/tt helpThe help interface.

More detailed info about the commands from /tt help.


As of v0.3.0

teamteleport.reloadAllows reloading the configs.op*Players can see all commands from the help, and not only those he/she has permissions to.false
teamteleport.listAllow the use of the /tt list -command.true
teamteleport.teleAllows teleportation.true
teamteleport.tele.allowAllow the use of the /tt allow -commandtrue
teamteleport.tele.denyAllow the use of the /tt deny -commandtrue
teamteleport.tele.cancelAllow the use of the /tt cancel -commandtrue
teamteleport.tele.noAskNever ask for target's permission to teleport.op
teamteleport.tele.noDelayNever wait for delay to teleport.op
teamteleport.warpAllows warping.true
teamteleport.warp.createAllows creation of warp points.true
teamteleport.warp.create.opAllows creation of a warp point even if the maximum amount of warps per team has been reached.op
teamteleport.warp.removeAllows removal of warp points.true
teamteleport.warp.remove.opAllows removal of any warp points.op
teamteleport.joinAllows joining teams.true
teamteleport.join.anyTeamAllows joining teams even if the team isn't "joinable".op

Suggest Features & Report Bugs

Please give me suggestions - What more would you wish to see this plugin do? Please report any problems/bugs you are having as well.


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