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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1



Please read Known caveats: below!

Please view the change logs for TARDIS v2.9-beta-1 and v2.9-beta-2 as well!


  • Added a war doctor's TARDIS (MCPatcher and TARDIS-MCP resource pack recommended) - seed block is STAINED_CLAY - permission tardis.war
  • Added Whovian food:
  • Added /tardisrecipe tardis [type] command to view TARDIS seed block recipes
  • Right-cliking AIR with the Stattenheim Remote powers on TARDIS (if it is powered down) from anywhere in the world
  • Added a Sonic Screwdriver Painter Upgrade to change block colours inside the TARDIS
    • permission: tardis.sonic.paint
    • Move new TARDIS map file (map_1979.dat) to correct location (server/main world/data folder)
    • Craft Painter Circuit - /tardisrecipe painter
    • Upgrade your sonic
    • Place dye in last (right-most) hotbar slot
    • SHIFT-LEFT-click wool, carpet, stained glass, stained glass panes and stained clay to change block colour to colour of dye in the slot
    • Must be in TARDIS!

Resource packs

The TARDIS-MCP resource pack has been updated, get it here: TARDIS-MCP resource pack - read the installation instructions! or CurseForge link

  • New Whovian food textures
  • New TARDIS roundel texture for war doctor's TARDIS
  • New 'The Moment' texture - use (red) HUGE_MUSHROOM_2 with cap texture on all sides (/give [player] 100:14 1)
  • Updated storage disk textures with easier to read labels (thanks to WonkoTheSane)
  • Added CIT Weeping Angel, Cyberman and Ice Warrior textures
  • New fob watch texture - rename a clock to 'Fob Watch'
  • New 'slimmer' Police Box textures - see: TARDIS ticket #688
    • must be in a DEEP_OCEAN biome with doors facing South
    • door closed - blue stained clay
    • door open - change right column to light blue stained clay


  • The TARDIS now automatically powers down if it runs out of energy
  • To power up or down the TARDIS players must must have the TARDIS key in hand
  • Reverted back to the old behaviour of clicking Artron button with NO key in hand to show the current power level
  • Added snowy biomes to set_biome umbrella

Bug fixes

  • Fixed chest contents being spat out, and the chest replaced when the TARDIS lands directly on a chest
  • Fixed door lock message
  • Fixed broken TARDIS deletion
  • Fixed the Genetic Manipulator not working even though the power was on
  • Power is not removed in standby mode if the TARDIS is at a recharge point
  • Fixed the Artron creeper not being able to spawn - you may need to edit your TARDIS world's WorldGuard region and remove the mob_spawning: deny flag...

For CraftBukkit 1.7.9 only, no longer compatible with prior versions, and it will disable itself if a lower version is used!

The recipe for the Painter Circuit is broken on 'hard' difficulty mode. Either update to TARDIS v2.9.1 or edit recipes.yml and change the hard recipe shape to:

   ## skip lines to find
  Painter Circuit:
    ## more lines skipped
    hard_shape: -I-,DGD,-I-   ## <-- change this