TARDIS v2.9-beta-2


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    May 31, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1



The TARDIS resource packs have also been updated, get them here:


  • Added an 'umbrella' to the police box when set_biome is true and the TARDIS lands in a dry biome.
  • All in-game messages can now be localised to the server's preferred language
    • the default language is English, and all the messages are contained in the plugins/TARDIS/language/en.yml file
    • config option: preferences.language: [language code] - set the language with the command: /tardisadmin language [code] - use tab completion to see a list of codes
    • language translations require their own file. Make a copy of en.yml and translate it. For example; if the language is set to Spanish (code: es), then a file called es.yml needs to placed in the plugins/TARDIS/language/ folder
    • Vistaero (a helpful TARDIS plugin user) has written a useful tool for editing language files, you can get it here: TARDIS Language File Translator and a tutorial video is here: Language File Translator Demo
    • as messages are added for new TARDIS features, the preferred language file will be updated (in English) for you to translate
    • See it in action on Youtube
  • You can now completely power down the TARDIS
    • after the Artron Capacitor has been initialised, right-clicking the Artron button turns the power on and off
    • when powered down access is denied to any TARDIS features that require power
    • if the TARDIS is hidden it will become visible again due to power loss
    • if the TARDIS is left in standby mode (i.e. powered on but not doing anything), a small (configurable) amount of Artron energy is used every (configurable) cycle
    • config options:
      • in config.yml allow.power_down: [true|false] - let players power down the TARDIS
      • in artron.yml standby: [amount] - the amount of energy the TARDIS uses each cycle in standby mode
      • in artron.yml standby_time: [ticks] - the length of the repeating cycle in server ticks i.e. energy is removed every x ticks - if set to 0 then this feature is disabled
    • you cannot power down while travelling
    • there are new power up and power down sound effects (resource pack required)
    • the exterior (redstone) lamp will turn off as well (if there is one)
    • Video
  • Added a Key Prefs Menu to change to different TARDIS key types
    • requires the TARDIS-MCP resource pack (and MCPatcher)
    • works the same as the Sonic Prefs Menu
    • access the menu with the command /tardisprefs key_menu
  • Added a travel time progress bar
    • requires the BarAPI plugin
    • is a player preference - set it with /tardisprefs travel bar [on|off], or use the Player Prefs Menu


  • TARDIS now prevents unwanted mobs spawning in TARDIS worlds itself, instead of relying on other plugins (WorldGuard, Multiverse etc)
  • The plugin now only gives Artron energy to players if they have actually travelled (not every time they go through the door)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the Sonic Prefs Menu not returning the player's sonic if they left it in the GUI and then closed it
  • Fixed the Sonic Prefs Menu allowing items to be placed in bad slots
  • Fixed a bug in Manual Flight mode where if the player did nothing, TARDIS spammed the console with 1000s of errors
  • The hinge is set properly for the interior TARDIS door when it is created (fixes missing texture file when using the TARDIS-MCP resource pack)
  • Fixed a NullPointerException when trying to reset the biome after the Police Box has left, and added a biome database field updater so that it shouldn't ever happen again
  • Fixed Genetic Manipulator room not showing in ARS GUI until the rooms had been scrolled

For CraftBukkit 1.7.9 only, no longer compatible with prior versions, and it will disable itself if a lower version is used!