TARDIS 2.0-beta-3


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    Jan 26, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R0.1



  • Added an Artron energy condenser - a chest that converts raw materials (DIRT, SAND, GRAVEL, COBBLESTONE and ROTTEN FLESH) to Artron energy - use the /tardis update condenser command after placing a chest.
  • Added a new room type - a gravity well - this will let you make the TARDIS interior even bigger by providing a second level - use /tardis room gravity to build one - start with an empty room and place the seed block in the middle of the floor.
  • Added a handbrake to the TARDIS console. This is what now initiates entry into the time vortex for all time travel operations.
  • Fixed a Police Box duplication bug
  • If no multi-world plugin (either Mulitverse or MultiWorld) is faound, create_worlds is set to false in the config.
  • Changed the random location method so that it returns a broader range of negative to positive values.
  • Fixed TARDIS worlds not continuing to use the TARDISChunkGenerator
  • Added no mob flags to Multiverse and MultiWorld configs for TARDIS worlds, so we don't have to rely on WorldGuard being on the server.
  • Fixed a config error when excluding the TARDIS world as a time travel destination at creation time
  • Fixed some wrong names in the config
  • Made a TARDIS' recharge status persistent over server restarts.
  • Fixed the lightning listener throwing errors. Only allow natural lightning to charge the TARDIS if it not at a charging beacon.
  • Now using prepared statements for all SQL queries so that we can handle world names with apostrophes in them.
  • Renamed save-repeater to world-repeater (fixes /tardis update save-repeater which was broken)
  • Saved destinations are now removed from the database when the TARDIS is deleted.
  • Now bundled with the TARDISChunkGenerator in one ZIP file.

Beta software, use at you own risk!