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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.2-R0.2



Thanks to everyone who made suggestions or found bugs :)

  • Travel is now possible to all three world environments - Overworld, Nether and The End. Overworld time travel is always available, but Nether and The End travel can be disabled in the config.
  • There is now no longer a 'Save' repeater on the TARDIS console - this has been replaced with an 'Environment' selector.
    • The 1-tick position will select a world with a random environment
    • The 2-tick position will only select (Normal) Overworlds
    • The 3-tick position will select from Nether worlds
    • The 4-tick position will select The End worlds
  • Due to there being no 'save' repeater server administrators should run the command /tardisadmin updatesaves to convert any console saves into 'destinations' (the same as those created by the /tardis setdest command.
  • The /tardis save command has changed slightly as you no longer need to specify a slot number. Unlimited TARDIS destinations can now be saved using just: /tardis save [mycoolsavename]
  • A new sign can be added to the TARDIS interior - this is a 'save' sign. First place a sign, then use the /tardis update save-sign command to initiate it.
    • Right-clicking the sign will cycle through the TARDIS's saved destinations, as well as the TARDIS 'Home'.
    • Right-clicking the sign while sneaking will set the TARDIS destination to the save currently shown on the sign.
  • New command /tardis removesave [savename]
  • New command /tardistravel home
  • The Police Box can no longer be set on fire
  • You can now stop the TARDIS landing on water with the config option land_on_water: [true|false]
  • You can now change the blocks that the TARDIS interior is constructed with.
    • The material that gets used (replacing the orange wool) is determined by the middle block used when creating the TARDIS
    • Not all materials are available, valid ones are: LAPIS_BLOCK, STONE, DIRT, WOOD, SANDSTONE, WOOL, BRICK, NETHERRACK, SOUL_SAND, SMOOTH_BRICK, ENDER_STONE and one other secret one!
    • Data values are supported, so all wool colours, wood types etc are good to go
    • LAPIS_BLOCK will NOT give you a LAPIS interior, but the default orange wool
  • Added extra WorldGuard flags so that TARDIS owners have access to chests and building (if not op)
  • Added extra WorldGuard flags so that bats don't spawn in, and mobs can't damage the TARDIS
  • Clearing the WorldGuard region when TARDIS is destroyed (had written the method, but forgot to call it!)
  • Fixed (hopefully) the ghost/duplicate Police Box bug
  • Actually optimised some code as well as adding new stuff :)

There needs to be at least one saved destination (in addition to the 'home' location) in order to be able to set a time travel destination using the new 'save' sign