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    Jul 12, 2017
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.12



TARDISChunkGenerator v2.5.3 - download at bottom of the page! TARDIS will disable itself if this plugin is not installed or is the wrong version.

Minimum RECOMMENDED dependent plugin versions

Technically not needed to use the plugin, but more TARDIS features will be available if you do. If installed on the server, plugins must be at least this version or higher, or the plugin will disable itself.

  • Citizens v2.0.22
  • LibsDisguises v9.4.0
  • Multiverse-Core v2.5
  • ProtocolLib v4.3.0
  • TerrainControl v2.8.2
  • WorldGuard v6.2.1

Minimum OTHER dependent plugin versions

Not needed to use the plugin, but TARDIS will respect their settings or attempt to be compatible. If installed on the server, plugins must be at least this version or higher, or the plugin will disable itself.

  • Factions v2.8.19
  • GriefPrevention v14.8
  • MultiWorld v5.2
  • Multiverse-Adventure v2.5
  • Multiverse-Inventories v2.5
  • MultiInv v3.3.6
  • My Worlds v1.67
  • PerWorldInventory v1.9.0
  • Towny v0.91
  • WorldBorder v1.8.1


  • Added new 1.12 blocks
  • Added BIRDCAGE room - permission: tardis.room.birdcage
  • Added the ability to enter the TARDIS with a parrot on your shoulder(s)
  • Added Parrots to Genetic Manipulation (Lazarus) Device
  • Added Atmospheric Excitation - use the command /tardis excite or right-click the exterior TARDIS sign with your Sonic Screwdriver - permission: tardis.atmospheric - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFGJkrnTTfI
  • Added the ability to give Knowledge books with TARDIS recipes - doesn’t do anything yet… you get a knowledge book, but the recipe doesn’t display in the recipe book so pretty useless… waiting for Minecraft 1.13... - /tardis give [tardis item] knowledge
  • (Re)added the original old consoles to desktop themes / seed blocks
  • Added a Silurian Underworld and Gallifrey - home world of the Time Lords
    • as with the Skaro world it requires TerrainControl to be enabled on the server.
    • enable it in planets.yml and restart the server (might need to run the plugin once to update the planets config file).
    • Gallifrey has a world specific resource pack to change a few colours for a more Whovian look (according to the TARDIS Wikia "From the planet's surface, it boasted an orange sky at night, snow-capped mountains, fields of red grass, and trees with bright silver leaves.") - enable resource pack switching in planets.yml (or check it out here: https://github.com/eccentricdevotion/Gallifrey)


  • The TARDIS can now land a lot closer to the world border (used to be 16 blocks, now down to 1 block)
  • The plugin now prevents sleeping in TARDIS if the TARDIS world environment is The End
  • Mob farming is now turned on when growing a stable, village, hutch, stall, igloo or birdcage room
  • Changed the creation.use_clay config option to allow 'WOOL', 'TERRACOTTA' or 'CONCRETE'
  • Updated the Master's TARDIS schematic - thanks to ShadowAssociate

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a crafting guide duplication bug when using the /tardisrecipe command
  • Fixed the version number display in the error message when the server is outdated
  • Fixed farming Mules & Donkeys
  • Added missing room and legacy console perms to plugin.yml
  • Fixed duplicate lime blocks in desktop theme wall GUI
  • Fixed duplicate seed blocks for STALL room / CORAL console & WORKSHOP / MASTER console

Additional Files