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    Dec 17, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.11



Requires TARDISChunkGenerator v2.5.1 (download below)


  • Updated for Spigot 1.11
    • Added new blocks
    • Added new mobs
  • Added more biome adaptive presets
  • Added new Chameleon Circuit GUI — see http://eccentricdevotion.github.io/TARDIS/chameleon-circuit.html
  • Added the ability to archive a TARDIS console
  • Added room costs to the ARS GUI
  • Added a /tardis construct [line] [text with colour codes] command to set the text on the TARDIS’ exterior sign (when using the CONSTRUCT preset)
  • Added a SMELTER room
  • Added a Llama STALL room
  • Added a /tardisadmin repair [player] [number] command
  • Added clean & repair buttons to the Desktop Theme GUI
  • Added an admin command /tardisadmin set_size [player] [size]
  • Add Polar Bears and Llamas to /tardis eject command
  • Added a companions menu button to control panel


  • Removed the /tardis chameleon commands
  • Converted NEW / OLD preset TARDISes with non blue wool walls to CONSTRUCT presets (due to new Chameleon Circuit GUI functionality)
  • The default preset for new installs is now set to FACTORY on TARDIS creation
  • TARDIS seed blocks no longer have a Chameleon or lamp block (use the Chameleon Construct GUI)
  • Use save-disks when in Junk Mode on hard difficulty
  • Use Multiverse world name alias if available
  • Changed the jettison permission to tardis.jettison
  • Allow rebuilding to the INVISIBLE preset if the previous preset was visible
  • You can no longer use biome travel in the Skaro world
  • Improved the SQLite to MySQL database converter
  • To access TARDISWeepingAngels monsters in the Genetic Manipulator, trigger the pressure plate while sneaking
  • Condenser records are now purged when deleting a TARDIS (as the records are tied to the tardis_id)
  • Updated the Universal Translator to use new Microsoft Azure Portal


  • Fixed ridiculously slow Ender Dragon movement
  • Fixed companion anti-build
  • Update the WorldGuard region when claiming an abandoned TARDIS
  • Fixed timeout problems with the cave finder feature
  • Fixed ENDER console entry in TARDIS Information System
  • Fixed breaking BEACON blocks
  • Fixed the handbrake not being able to be engaged if the Invisibility Circuit is engaged while floating in the vortex
  • Check the player has condensed blocks for all rooms
  • Fixed the RAIL room dropping items before teleporting the cart
  • Disallow the /tardis comehere command while the TARDIS is materialising
  • Prevent un-sieging in excluded worlds
  • Fixed the TARDIS umbrella being added twice and not being removed
  • Fixed wrong stained glass colour in dematerialisation animation
  • Fixed being able to jettison the console in the ARS GUI
  • Fixed Siege Mode block not appearing
  • Fixed setting the Universal Translator language preference
  • Fixed opening player inventories with the Admin Sonic
  • Fixed the permission for bypassing acid damage
  • Don’t go into an endless loop if the TARDIS console beacon has been moved / removed
  • Fixed skeletons not spawning in the nether
  • Fixed the SQLite to MySQL database converter
  • Fixed most seeds and flowers dropping from Biome presets
  • Lots of other small bugfixes...

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