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SysInfo - Get info about server machine

This plugin allows you to fetch technical information about your server machine. Version 2.2.1 with ram clearing is available to download!

If you have any questions or suggestions, PM me or leave a comment

Standard output - all information

Adding locales

Tutorial on adding locales


Threads crash sometimes. Will be fixed in next version.


  • /sysinfo - Gives information about system (see image)
  • /sysinfo help - Prints help
  • /sysinfo alarm - shows alarm state
  • /sysinfo alarm [val] - sets alarm value to [val]
  • /sysinfo gc - performs RAM recovery.

Metrics and stats

This plugin send anonymous data to The following data is sent: Players, Servers, JVM Version, OS, System CPU arch, System CPU cores, Server Location (probably with GeoIP but i'm not sure) , Server software, Version changes and Version demograpics.

to disable it you need to set opt-out to true in /PluginMetrics/Updater.yml file Current stats Sysinfo stats


Information on:

  • System CPU architecture
  • Operating System
  • Bukkit version
  • External MOTD
  • Server IP
  • Server RAM usage
  • Server temperature (Only Linux machines with ACPI support)

And also:

  • RAM cleaning command, freeing up to 60% of RAM
  • RAM logging

Permission Nodes

sysinfo.sysinfoopAccess the /sysinfo command
sysinfo.alarm-recvopEnables receiving alarm messages to user given
sysinfo.alarm-setopAllows setting the alarm level
sysinfo.exec-gcopAllows manually execute ram clearing sequence

To Do

  • Add following
  1. CPU Usage (Unix/Linux only)
  2. Ram usage chart generating /sysinfo chart ram [hours] will generate a chart in plugins directory.
  • More to come!

Development versions

Dev versions can be built from source code (see Sources section). They may be unstable, but in most cases they would just have partly added features.


Here are links to single translation files:

By DupstePain

By Nzkiwi313


Special thanks to:

  • DubstePain - for answering my questions and translation


Available at GitHub:

Follow me on Twitter: @Nzkiwi5000

I am NOT responsible for any attacks done on your server because somebody got technical info about your system. This is in most cases done by giving access to /sysinfo to players. Read Permission Nodes Section to get to know about configuring permissions


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