Every gun, by default has all of the options listed in their files. To make a new gun file, simply copy one of the existing ones, and place it into the guns folder. Open the file with notepad, or any other text editor, and change the values. To make grenades the process is the same, except copy one of the current grenades, and paste it into the projectiles folder. Change the files values after opening it into a text editor.

Here is a list of sounds. Every one of them can be used as the gunSound config


  • If you enable aiming on ANY gun, it will disable the leftclick to fire option. SO, if you want to have aiming on a gun, make sure it can right click fire.

Configuration Options

gunNamestringThe name of the gun
loreString[]Gun lore
gunTypematerialThe type of the gun
ammoTypematerialThe ammo type of the gun
ignoreItemDatabooleanWhether or not to ignore item data
ammoAmtNeededintegerThe amount of ammo needed to shoot
bulletDelayTimeintegerThe amount of time before you can shoot
gunDamageintegerThe damage per bullet
maxDistanceintegerThe max distance of the bullet
bulletSpeedintegerThe speed of the bullet
accuracydoubleThe accuracy of the gun
accuracy_aimeddoubleThe accuracy of the gun while aimed
canAimbooleanIs the gun able to aim?
explodeRadiusdoubleThe radius of the explosion for the bullet
fireRadiusdoubleThe radius of fire created for the bullet
flashRadiusdoubleThe radius in which entities will be flashed
canHeadshotbooleanWhether or not the gun can headshot
canClickLeftbooleanWhether nor not the gun can shoot with left click
canClickRightbooleanWhether or not the gun can shoot with right click
outOfAmmoMessagestringThe message when you are out of ammo
needsPermissionbooleanWhether or not the gun needs permissions
hasClipbooleanWhether or not the gun uses clips
reloadGunOnDropbooleanIf the gun has clips, does it reload if dropped?
reloadTimeintegerThe amount of time it takes to reload
maxClipSizeintegerMaximum size for a clip
hasSmokeTrailbooleanDo bullets emit smoke?
explosionDamageintegerExplosions will use this as their damage value
localGunSoundbooleanAre gun sounds local to the player?
armorPenetrationintegerThe damage done to the player ignoring armor
canAimRightbooleanIs the right mouse used to aim?
canAimLeftbooleanIs the left mouse used to aim?
canShootLeftbooleanIs the left mouse used to shoot?
canShootRightbooleanIs the right mouse used to shoot?
knockbackdoubleThe amount of blocks a player is knocked back
recoildoubleThe amount of blocks you are knocked back while shooting
reloadTypereload typeThe sound type the gun uses while reloading
canGoPastMaxDistancebooleanWill bullets not slow down when they hit their max distance?
timeUntilReleaseintegerBullets will release in this amount of ticks
bulletTypeANY valid ProjectileThe type of bullet fired
gunSoundSOUNDThe sound that is played when the gun fires
gunVolumefloatHow loud the gun sound is
priorityintegerPriority this gun has over guns of the same type


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