Version 1.4b:

  • fixed addword and rmword commands
  • worked on warning system, 80% done

Version 1.4:

  • fixed bugs
  • worked on warning system, almost done

Version 1.3dev:

added 2 new commands:

  • /sb addword
  • /sb rmword

Version 1.2:

fixed all bugs

version 1:

official release

added option to add your own words

version 0.4.2:

fixed log error on-playerchat enabled

version 0.4.1(fix):

fixed reload command

added some new words

version 0.4.1:

added reload command

version 0.4:

added bypass disable/enable

fixed bug in craftbukkit 1.2.5-R1.3

version 0.3.2:

fixed SwearingBlocker.* permission

fixed log message

version 0.3.1:

fixed permissions error in 0.3

added new permission

version 0.3:

added permissions

fixed bug in config

version 0.2.9:

added lightning support

better config

version 0.2.8:

added extra log messages

added more to config

unadded 'ass' support

version 0.2.7:

added CraftBukkitUpToDate support

version 0.2.6:

added config file to disable/enable the plugin

updated to 1.2.5-R1

version 0.2.5:

added more blocked words

version 0.2.4:

added 'gay' blocking support

version 0.2.3:

- added OP bypass

version 0.2:

- fixed bug 100%

- unadded 0.1.3 features

version 0.1.5 dev:

- fixed 50% of bug #1

version 0.1.3 dev:

- added support like: e x a mpl e etc. not: example

version 0.1 dev:

- release