SurvivalArena is a Hunger Games plugin built on the BattleArena API, therefore, BattleArena is required to be installed in order to use this plugin.

This is by far, the easiest, Hunger/Survival Games plugin to setup, with no config file editing at all. Everything can be done in game.


  • Freeze players on Join until game starts
  • Configurable Grace Period (No PVP) on game start
  • Configurable sudden death mode on last number of players, and or, last minutes of game
  • Lightning effect on players remaining in sudden death
  • Add chests to be populated in game with item_sets (No config file editing)
  • Create item_sets in game (No config file editing)
  • Each item in an item_set can have a % chance of spawning
  • Create Arenas in your existing world, or run fully automated on a separate server
  • Multi World and Multi Arenas support with per Arena settings
  • Rollback chests at end of game
  • Automatically add chests based on a WorldEdit selection


  1. BattleArena
  2. WorldGuard
  3. WorldEdit


  1. Download and put the SurvivalArena.jar into your plugins folder along with BattleArena.jar and WorldGuard.jar
  2. Restart your server

Creating a Survival Arena

Create the Arena

  1. Stand on the first Spawn Point you want and type /sa create <arena name>
  2. Stand on each of your remaining Spawn Points and type /sa alter <arena name> # (Starting with 2)
  3. Select a WorldGaurd region for your arena and type /sa alter <arena name> addregion

Create an Item Set

  1. Place items into a chest that you want to be in the item set
  2. Type /sa additemset <arena name> <item_set name>
  3. Left click the chest to create and save the item set (You can create as many item sets as you wish)
  4. Note that items default to a 100% chance of spawning

Set items to spawn randomly

  1. First type /sa showitemset <arena name> <item_set name> this will show you a list of items prefixed with an index number
  2. Type /sa setchance <arena name> <item_set name> <index number> <chance> where <chance> is a percentage, such as 10, 50, 77, etc

Adding Chests to the Arena


  1. Place chests where ever you want in your Arena
  2. Type /sa addchests <arena name> <item_set name>
  3. Left click each chest that you want to be populated with <item_set name>
  4. To change to another item_set, type /sa addchests <arena name> <item_set name>
  5. When you are done adding chests, type /sa addchests <arena name> done


  1. Create a WorldEdit region covering the area of chests you want to auto assign an item_set to
  2. Type /sa autochests <arena name> <item_set> <clear>

Where <clear> is either 0, or 1, depending on if you want to clear the contents of the chests being added to the <item_set>. This is useful if you already have an existing Survival/Hunger Games plugin that does not clear the contents of the chests at the end of the game.

Joining an Arena

  • /sa join

Configuration Options

Grace Period: With this option you can set the number of seconds at the beginning of the match where there is no PVP, allowing players to grab items from the chests at Spawn.

  • /sa set <arena name> graceperiod <seconds>

Sudden Death Players: With this option you can set the number of players remaining in the match to start the lightning effect which will pin point each players location.

  • /sa set <arena name> suddendeathplayers <#>


Players will need the following permission nodes

  • arena.leave


  • Post a comment below with your question
  • I can usually be found on IRC in #battleplugins. IRC through a browser


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