Supreme PvP

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Supreme PvP v0.1

With Supreme PvP you can pick a class, and battle enemies with amazing powers. You may currently only choose to be a tank or a wizard, but I plan to make many more.


  • Class Wizard
  • *Do tripple jumps, leaping fast into the air.
  • * Shoot potions at you oponent
  • * Go invisable for a period of time!
  • * Gain mega speed boosts.
  • * Heal yourself.
  • Class Tank
  • * Shoot bombs at your enemy!
  • * Extra health, and armour!
  • * A bow, with OP rapid fire :)
  • Class Knight *New!*
  • * Sprint with your sword will activate certain powers!
  • * More to come.


I am working towards creating a proper video show casing this plugin. This is a test video, and doesn't showcase it amazingly, but you still get the idea of it. *-This video will be good, but will take awhile! Please be aware that the current one is old, and very outdated. It has had many changed.-*


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