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Current Version: 1.6


SuperLogger is an advanced, highly configurable logging plugin for Minecraft!

SuperLogger categorizes and organizes log files by date and event type

Things SuperLogger Logs:

  • Joins
  • Quits
  • Kicks
  • Commands
  • Disallowed Logins (Server Full, Not on Whitelist, Outdated Client)


#If the plugin should automatically download updates
auto-update: true
#if we should notify ops when there is an update available and updating is disabled
#if we should output extra debug information to the console
debug: false
#standard logging settings
#if we should log commands entered
commands: true
#if we should make sure a command is real before logging it
check-command-exists: false
#if we should log chat messages
chat: true
#if we should log player joins
join: true
#if we should log player quits
quit: true
#if we should log player kicks
kick: true
#if we should log player deaths
death: true
#if we should log failed logins
failed-connections: true
#if we should log player IP addresses for events
player-ip: true
#if we should log player UUIDs (note this disables itself on versions lower than 1.7 due to UUIDS not working properly) player-uuid: true
#if we should log the co-ordinates (if applicable) to an event coordinates: true
# a list of commands to ignore when entered
- 'login'
- 'register'


All permissions here are given to nobody by default unless otherwise noted

superlogger.bypass.connection: permission to bypass connection logging permission to bypass chat logging superlogger.bypass.death: permission to bypass death logging superlogger.bypass1.command: permission to bypass command logging superlogger.update.notify: permission to receive notification of updates, defaults to op

superlogger.bypass.*: permission to bypass all logging (the same as giving someone all bypass permissions as above)

superlogger.: all permissions, the same as superlogger.bypass. and superlogger.update.notify


There aren't many commands, but i may as well document them

  • sl reload reloads superlogger's configuration file
  • sl debug prints debug information to console, useful for getting help!
  • sl version shows superlogger version information

Need help with anything?

Have a problem with SuperLogger? Maybe you have a Feature Request? Maybe you just want to talk? Join us on IRC in #zack6849 at or click here!

Feeling generous?

If you appreciated this plugin and feel like throwing a little bit of money my way, there's a donate button on the top of the page, don't have money to donate? maybe ask me about helping test the plugin! you can also download the plugin through curse, downloads through there give me reward points exchangeable for real money :D


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