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Version 2.0 released!

What is Stone Drop?

This plugin gives a player the ability to drop some additional items while mining stone.
What is more, it also features mystery chests, which can appear in front of player while mining.
Everything can be configured and changed to meet server requirements.

Showcase video

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  • Stone Drop requires Java version 8 or higher, most likely already installed.
  • Minecraft version 1.8 or higher
  • And you probably know that because this is a plugin, Stone Drop requires Bukkit, Spigot or Paper as a server engine


  • Menu with all information and settings (GUI)
  • Language support (lang.yml).
  • Enchant support.
  • Item naming support.
  • Fortune enchantment affects chances.
  • Configurable drop blocks (ie. stone, andesite)
  • Set not affected worlds.
  • Disabling drop from ores.
  • Set chance of getting drop from ores.
  • Set items drop directly to inventory.
  • Set exp orbs to be spawned (Mending support).
  • Configurable required Y level range for an item to spawn.
  • Treasure chest while mining stone.
  • Admin panel for managing drop
  • Configurable item biome conditions
    And many more!


How to use GUI

  • Menu can be opened by typing /drop (or /d).
  • Every player manage their drop preferences quickly and easily by right-clicking on an item in the menu.
  • Left-clicking on the items shows drop chances for every fortune level.

How to install

  1. Download plugin from here.
  2. Place the file in plugins folder inside your server directory.
  3. Start the server (if it was already running reload it with /reload command).
  4. You have successfully downloaded and installed the plugin!


Command Description
/drop (or /d) base command - shows a menu
/drop reload reload the plugin
/drop stack toggle (for command sender) automatic crafting of diamonds, gold, etc. into their block equivalents.
/whatdrops displays a list of items that can drop, their chances and amounts.
/shutdown op/console-only command. It schedules a server shut down and informs all players about it.
/cancelshutdown op/console-only command. Cancels shut down if it's been initialized.


Example Images:

Bellow are example images of GUI (layout may be different depending on Minecraft version)

Item description


Item details


Item disabled by admin

Looking for answers? Visit StoneDrop Wiki.

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