Create statues from players/mobs with 1 command!

Compatible with 1.7.9 and supports offline player skins!

Have you ever wanted to get a good view of that new skin? Or perhaps tell your players, "AVOID PIGS!!!" and haven't been able to show them what a pig looks like? Then this is the plugin for you! This plugin will allow the player to make statues of players, animals, and more. These statues will not be able to be moved, hurt, or interacted with in any way. For anyone who has errors or finds a bug, please submit a ticket, it's difficult to help you just from a comment.


  • Create player statues
  • Create animal statues
  • Face statues the way you look at
  • Animate Statues (currently being worked on)



some statues

To do

  • Fix mobs that cause client crash upon login
  • fix head direction for player statues


  • /statue create mob <mob name> - Create an animal statue
  • /statue create player <player name> - Create a player statue
  • /statue select - Select nearest statue
  • /stature remove - Remove selected statue
  • /statue edit - Allows you to change name tag, items and armor (Comming soon)
  • /statue animate <animation> <duration> [delay] - Make your statue come to life for the amount of time given. Set duration to -1 for an infinite animation

Removing a statue

Right click a statue to select it and type '/statue remove' to remove it ;)

Animation Types

Animations were temporarly removed at the 2.0 update! The current Animation types are:

  • Punch - Make the statue punch
  • Hurt - Turn the statue turn red with the hurt animation
  • Crouch - Make the statue crouch
  • Rotate - Slowly rotate the statue
  • Stop - Stop statue animations(Bugged, currently stops all statues' animations)


  • statues.create.mob - permission to create animal statues
  • statues.create.player - permission to create player statues
  • - permission to select a statue
  • statues.animate - permission to animate a statue
  • statues.deleteall - permission to delete all statues BE CAREFUL WHEN GIVING THIS PERMISSION! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!


Statues is connecting to external services to obtain player's uuid and skin information. By downloading Statues you agree to obtain this data from It is used to properly display skins from offline players, and is only used if the statue's player is offline.


Go to the BKCommonLib Dev-bukkit page

Statues on jenkins


If you have this plugin on your server and want to gloat about it, or are looking for a server to get a preview of statues on, go check out


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