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    The ability to Link specific sounds/sings to text strings in game.

    For example I can link a meow sound to the word meow or meows. so if some one says meow or does /me meows. Spout will make the meow sound.

    Also with how Spout highlights lines with the players name in them, if we could tie a sound like ping.wav to name so whenever a player's name appears in chat, it will play the ping sound. (but not when they speak themselves, just like spout doesn't highlight the lines that you speak.)

    So for example if Mark says John.  John would hear the ping, no one else.  Mark's name would appear in chat, since he said it, but mark would not hear the ping.

    Also in the config will need a few settings:
    Interval:  So we could make the sounds only play like once every X seconds.
    Case: To set whether or not the words would be case sensitive. (John triggers but john wouldn't)
    Part: Whether the word has to be exact, or if it triggers on parts.  (John triggers but Johnson wouldn't)

    Config could be like:

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