Please note that this is NOT developed by the Spout team, regardless of the name

A note from skawke:

Thanks everyone for the support. When I first created this plugin, it was back when Spout just first came out, and there wasn't many plugins built for it. I built SpoutEssentials purely for my own uses, but released it to the public for fun. After a while, I stopped playing MC, and my intention was to let this plugin die off. I think it's much better if people use the multiple plugins out there that together, they do the same thing as this plugin. Seeing as there still isn't enough to make up SpoutEssentials, I'll attempt to find someone else to maintain or take over the SpoutEssentials name. For now, if you want compatibility with 1.4.6, look down in the comments, someone has compiled a version.


Everyone will return once again skawke. I will keep up your work till i can. DreTaX

Need any help with the configuration?

Post here if you have tips or questions: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/spoutessentials/forum/35848-configuration-help/

Please leave any suggestions if you have some!

If you want a feature added, PM Denkfaehigkeit, not skawke.

Important Notice

I will be re-doing the entire plugin from scratch, due to both formatting, code structure, and simple improvements in the code. Hopefully, with this addition all bugs should be solved.

What is SpoutEssentials?

SpoutEssentials allows for easy aesthetic modification, for you and your users, in tones of fun and unique methods on your Minecraft Server. Extracting the most from Spout, this plugin may allow your users to modify their own skies, listen to music in game, set titles, display capes and more! Take advantage of this ever growing plugin as it starts to redefine the way we use commands using in game interfaces.

Important Notes

Because illiterate idiots like *Lextao* can't seem to read the entire post, look at modules.yml in order to disable a feature. If you enable ON SCREEN COMMANDS in the modules.yml, you WILL break every plugin you have that uses on screen buttons. Totally, my fault, a fix will be out soon (hopefully). Do not use OnScreenCommands if you use a plugin that uses buttons, such as ChestShop.

The dimensions for splash screens must be 427*239.

What are the features of SpoutEssentials?

  • Custom notifications when a player logs in and out
  • Custom welcome message when joining the server
  • Allows the playing of music personally and server wide
  • Modify the clouds, sun and moon per user
  • A poke feature
  • Custom onscreen help
  • Per World texture packs
  • Per WorldGuard region texture packs
  • Group and user based skins
  • Stylish capes
  • Displayable titles
  • Show the co-ordinates
  • View your BOSEconomy / iConomy balance (Removed for now)
  • On screen command interface (Disabled for now)
  • Auto Updates on server restart
  • GUI Command Screen (NEW!)
  • Amazing developer which will happily look at your requests!
  • Source is available on GitHub

How to setup SpoutEssentials.

Permission Nodes can be viewed here.

Commands can be viewed here.

Help on setting up the GUI Screen can be viewed here.

Configuration file tutorial can be found here!


65% of the time, an error occurs because the server admin did not take the time and look through all the configs. If you do not setup your configs properly, you will get an error 99% of the time.


Site of future FAQ


This link will always lead to the latest version. Use this if BukkitDev hasn't approved the file yet. Latest version here Or On DropBox

Update Information

I'm going to fix major fix it or break it bugs, but as far as feature updates go, I'm going to wait until the Bukkit/Spout merge occur and when everything works as it's supposed to. When that happens, I'll post a revised, faster, better, more advanced version that is also open-source.

For the meantime, PLEASE suggest ideas, I'd love to add as many features as possible so please, bring your ideas!


Version 3.9.9

  • Fixed the GUI Problems thanks to coldandtired :)
  • Fixed an option where the player was Null (I think in Beta2)
  • There were some more in Beta1, and Beta3, but i can't remember. Consider it as a Bugfix :D
  • Added Metrics

Version 3.9.8

  • Fixed some coding mistakes
  • Updated to 1.4.7 1.0

Version 3.9.7

  • Updated to 1.4.7 0.2
  • Fixed Some errors in Main Class
  • Fixed Hash Map Mistakes in the Main Class

Version 3.9.6

  • Updated to 1.4.7

Version 3.9.5

  • Fixed some mistakes in some classes.
  • Updated to 1.4.6

Version 3.9.4

  • Added Spoutcraft suggestion message on join, may or may not work, it was just there and it wasn't giving an error so you can check it out.
  • Note that I'm not going to be really updating this plugin since it violates so many rules and it is beyond repair in regards to framework.

Version 3.9.3

  • Fixed bugs
  • Added ability to enable group based splash screens

Version 3.9.2

  • Updated to the newest RB

Version 3.9.1

  • Fixed onJoinerrors
  • Helped Spout find player.

Version 3.9

  • Fixed Teleport Errors + various other cleanup

Version 3.8Beta3

  • Fixed Cape problems.

Version 3.8

  • Updated to latest CB and Spout
  • Fixed minor error affecting German servers

Version 3.7.5

  • Added a check for URLS in some cases.
  • Update to latest RB of Bukkit and Spout


  • fixed spe errors occuring when changing capes/titles
  • everything in modules.yml is default as false now

Version 3.7.4

  • Changed code to match latest Bukkit build
  • Code cleanup
  • If playerTitle is set to 'hidden' in playerOption.yml, their title will be hidden.
  • Removed command MusicGlobal
  • Removed itemListener

Version 3.7

  • Added 3 new permissions nodes: · spoutessentials.guiColumnOne · spoutessentials.guiColumnTwo · spoutessentials.guiColumnThree
  • Added entirely new GUI screen 3 different columns to customize up to 7 buttons to set in each column
  • New Config file GUIConfig.yml
  • New config.yml option guiCommandKey: ~ ( DOES NOT WORK YET )
  • Changed key to GRAVE () for now

Full changelog here



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