Spoutcraft Plugin

What is SpoutcraftPlugin?

Notice: This is not intended to be used on any CraftBukkit server beyond 1.6.4 R2.0. It is NOT compatible with version 1.7.x or 1.8.x.

SpoutcraftPlugin, formerly SpoutPlugin, is a framework to bridge the ever-widening chasm between single player mods, and multiplayer Bukkit plugins. On its own, it does very little. Expect no changes beyond some interface enhancements and minor speed improvements on the client and moderate speed improvements on the server. Through it, Bukkit plugins can do the previously impossible. Currently, plugins can seamlessly manipulate and monitor inventory, audio, sound effects, skins, player titles, alter the main in-game HUD, and launch popup notifications on the player's client.

Example of what is possible with Spoutcraft & SpoutcraftPlugin

Spoutcraft Combo Example

How do I get started?

Simply download SpoutcraftPlugin, place it in your CraftBukkit plugins folder, grab any other plugins that use Spoutcraft, and enjoy!

What are the server-side features?

  • Loads of available custom content: Click Here
  • MP3 and other in-game music supported.
  • Pre-Cache custom content management system for fast logins.
  • Teleport smoothing which loads the chunks before you get there in a smart way.
  • Control of visual cheats by the admin (coordinates, disabling weather, etc).
  • Option to force players to use the Spoutcraft client.

I thought this project was discontinued?

A few months ago, it was announced that the Legacy project, Spoutcraft & Spoutcraft Plugin, were discontinued, but due to the continued support from Dockter, this project was reborn and given a new home at http://spoutcraft.org. The Spoutcraft team will continue to maintain the project until its impossible to do so.

What does the plugin API provide?

(Players DO NOT need the Spoutcraft client installed)

  • OnServerTick event
  • Safe async block set type id
  • Access to crafting matrix (workbench, inventory)

Where do I get the Spoutcraft client mod?

Download the Technic Launcher here. The Spoutcraft client mod was recently moved to the Technic Platform for deployment purposes, without this Spoutcraft would not be available to our users.

This is the link to the Mod Pack that you'll need:

What does the plugin API + client provide?

(Players DO need the Spoutcraft client mod installed)


  • Custom GUI API to make your own screens and HUD elements
  • Custom achievement notifications


  • Custom skins, capes, and multi-line capable titles
  • Custom item textures
  • Custom item hover-over names
  • Control texture packs
  • Control star frequency
  • Control sky and cloud colors
  • Control cloud height/visibility
  • Control sun and moon texture and size
  • Control weather rendering for biomes
  • Maximum/minimum fog levels
  • Particle effects API


  • Play Minecraft sound effects and music
  • Play custom sound effects and music
  • Stop music playback with fade out


  • Key press and release
  • Background music change
  • Change fog and fog change


  • Control jump height
  • Control gravity
  • Control speed in air, on the ground, and while swimming


  • Server reconnect API
  • Waypoints and deathpoints API
  • Clipboard get/set

Plugins that utilize Spoutcraft

The following is a list of plugins that utilize SpoutcraftPlugin and/or Spoutcraft in various different ways. These plugins are supported by their respective authors.

  • MoreMaterials - Custom Content Framework & Loader
  • Sprout - Add new Custom / Growable / Harvestable Crops
  • InfoGuide - In-Game player information guides

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