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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

All the cool kids are using the speed teleporter!



This software is still early in development. While it is stable, not all planned features have been implemented, and not all the bugs have been worked out. I am not responsible for anything that might go wrong, but I will try my very best to help you if something does happen. (Nothing bad has happened to me yet, so don't worry too much)


Speed teleporter came about after I became tired with conventional portals. Portals are boring; you walk in, stand there, and you are teleported. There is no real interaction between the user and the portal. There is nothing fun about the process. The speed teleporter is here to fix that! You right-click a sign, then start running towards a wall. Your speed is increased a great deal, then you are teleported to your destination at a specified distance away!


Drop the files from the zip into your plugins folder and restart your server. Every time the plugin loads, it loads a few seconds after the normal plugins load, that way the worlds are fully initialized.

To create a warp, make a sign with the following on it:

  • Line 1 -> [warp]
  • Line 2 -> destination -> The place you will be teleported to
  • Line 3 -> Distance to teleport at -> How far away from the sign you must be before you teleport
  • Line 4 -> Speed multiplier -> (2-10 is a good number)

If you use notp as your destination, the plugin will not teleport you. Instead, when you reach the distance specified, you will stop running as fast. This could also be used as a form of transportation.


Speed teleporter has 2 commands: /SpeedTP set <destination name> sets or overwrites the destination to your current location. Requires node SpeedTeleport.addLocation /SpeedTP list Lists the loaded destinations, and their locations.

Planed features

Features that I plan to add if this generates enough interest:

  • In addition to using signs, allow regions that the user walks into to speed them up and/or teleport them
  • Make signs more intuitive
  • Add more permissions nodes

Source code

Please leave feedback/suggestions


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