Version: 1.11

Spectate allows you to see what your players are doing from their point of view, simply by typing in /spectate [PlayerName]. You will see what they see as if you're looking through their eyes. To stop spectating, just type /spectate off.



  • Watch users from their point of view by typing in /spectate [PlayerName].
  • Three different spectate modes. The first (default) mode will let you spectate one person. The second (scroll) mode lets you scroll through players by left clicking and right clicking your mouse keys. The third (scan) mode automatically switches between players with an interval.


/spectate [PlayerName]

  • Puts you into Spectate mode and lets you see what the target sees.

/spectate off | /spectate

  • Typing '/spectate off' will take you out of spectate mode. Typing '/spectate' without anything after it while spectating will take you out of spectate mode, and typing it while not spectating and in the scroll mode will spectate the first person on the list.

/spectate mode [1/default|2/scroll]

  • Toggles your spectate mode. The first mode is the default mode that lets you spectate one target, while the second spectate mode puts you into the scroll style spectating where you can right and left click to scroll through players.

/spectate scan [interval in seconds]

  • Puts you in the scan mode. You will change the person you're spectating every few seconds, defined in the interval.

/spectate angle [firstperson/thirdperson]

  • Toggles your current angle between firstperson and thirdperson. Default is firstperson.

/spectate inv [on/off]

  • Toggles whether or not your inventory will be modified while spectating. Default is on.

/spectate help

  • Shows the help page.


You can see how to use the commands associated with the permissions in the section above.

  • "spectate.on" - allows users to use the '/spectate' command to spectate other players.
  • "spectate.off" - allows you to stop spectating using '/spectate off'.
  • "spectate.mode" - allows you to toggle your mode using '/spectate mode'.
  • "spectate.angle" - allows you to change your angle between first person and third person using '/spectate angle'.
  • "spectate.scan" - allows you to enter scan mode using '/spectate scan [interval]'.
  • "spectate.inv" - allows you to toggle inventory changing on and off using '/spectate inv'.
  • "spectate.help" - allows you to see the help page when typing '/spectate help'.
  • "spectate.cantspectate" - makes the user with the permission not able to be spectated.

The "spectate.cantspectate" permission will be automatically disabled, so it won't work unless you set "cantspectate Permission Enabled?" to true in the config.


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