Spawner v2.8.1


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    Mar 31, 2017
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.11
  • 1.10


Please read everything below in order to prevent unexpected issues.


This is a beta release! As such, please be sure to backup your server before installing. You also may wish to test thoroughly on a test server before using. Please report any issues you find.


Be sure to see the changelog for 2.8 if upgrading from an earlier version.


  • Added new permissions spawner.change.<entity> and spawner.change.all to allow players to change spawners of specific types using the spawner command as well as spawn eggs. This is the spawner being changed. For example changing a rabbit spawner to a pig spawner will only be possible if you have either the spawner.change.all or spawner.change.rabbit permission.
  • Added spawner.player permission which includes some default permissions that should be suitable for players:
    spawner.change.all: false
    spawner.eggs.all: false
    spawner.anvil.eggs: false
    spawner.anvil.spawners: false
    spawner.remove: false
    spawner.reload: false
    spawner.set.all: false
    spawner.give.all: false
    spawner.giveothers.all: false
    spawner.nosilk.all: false
    spawner.get: true
    spawner.break.all: true
    spawner.mine.all: true
    spawner.list: true true
  • Only allowed to give 127 spawners or less to prevent NPE.
  • Fixed fireworks spawners.
  • Make frequency check lowercase config keys.
  • Return proper entity names from NBT.

Known Issues

  • Downgrading your server from 1.11 to 1.10 will result in various issues including no spawners working, disappearing, etc. (upgrading should work fine though).
  • Config won't migrate automatically when you upgrade the server. Will be fixed in 3.0. 
  • If a config value doesn't exist it will toggle between that value and all values in the config every time the plugin is reloaded. Pushed back. Will be fixed in 3.0.
  • For additional issues please check here: