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Solconomy is a independent plugin for Bukkit that adds both Physical and Virtual Money to the game. Solconomy does NOT requiere Vault or any other plugin API to run. Building from the ground up, Solconomy is coded to give players the best economy they can think of. With the two modes there is no need to go and download Gringotts AND iConomy. With Solconomy it is a All-In-One package. After talking with friends, the entire half of physical money will NEVER go virtual. This means that all money will be stored in a chest someplace.


Physical Mode

Physical mode gives you a command free economy. In physical mode, all money is stored in a chest somewhere. Lets say the plugin files get lost or broken, At least all the players still have there money. At the current moment the money is set too Emeralds. A config for this will be added in later versions. You can create a Chest Vault that stores money. One of the cool things are any player with permissions can create a bank. To learn more about banks visit the bank page. Physical Mode will be what is developed the most because of the plans we have.


So far there are no commands for physical


Working on Prems.

Virtual Mode

Virtual mode is a non-physical money that is stored in YAML files. This mode involves the most commands. Most of what you will find in this mode is based off of iConomy, so if you know how to use iCon then you should be allright. Virtual mode will most likely be developed first due to its simplicity in code. The commands for this can be found below in the subsections. We are hoping that ChestShop will dev a version to hook into Solconomy. To learn more about this mode view the subsections below.

  • /money - Views the amount in your account.
  • /moneytop - Views all of the Bals for the entire server.
  • /givemoney <Player> <Amount> - Gives a player an amount of money.
  • /pay <Player> <Amount> - Pays a player an amount from your account.
  • solcon.virtual.moneytop
  • solcon.virtual.givemoney

Code / Help

If you would like to help out with the plugin add West_Dover in Skype or email me at [email protected] To view the source code go to GitHub


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