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What does it do?

  • Prevents snow and/or ice from forming in the worlds you put in the config file
  • Prevents snow and ice forming by weather on all worlds
  • Has commands to remove snow, ice or snow blocks

Why would you want this?

  • Especially on creative servers you don't want snow or ice forming in random places. Also you may just want snowless worlds for numerous reasons. :p
  • Some Minecraft changes made biomes shift, so perhaps an area of yours is now suddenly a snow biome. This plugin prevents it being covered by snow. Also that way farms don't break after the ice forming.


Just drag the Snowless.jar into your /plugins folder. It's that easy!

Commands / Permissions

/removesnowRemove snow in an areasnowless.removesnowop
/removeiceRemove ice in an areasnowless.removeiceop
/removesnowblocksRemove snow blocks in an areasnowless.removesnowblocksop

Future possibilities

  • Config file, that lets you
    • Choose what worlds will be safe from snow/ice forming
    • Per world choice between snow, ice, and both

Dev builds

Suggestions and feedback

Leave it in the comments below!


This plugin uses MCStats to collect information about plugin usage. Of course, this is strictly anonymous, and you can easily opt out via plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml. The NSA isn't watching your server ;) You can of course see for yourself what data is collected on the MCStats site, just the basic stuff: how many servers, how many players, which Bukkit version, etc.


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