The one plugin your survival server needs.


This plugin tackles limitations and common problems of vanilla survival multiplayer, by adding various tweaks and configuration options. SMPtweaks is fully modular, largely async and built in a lightweight way with high player counts in mind.


All features can be enabled individually and put zero load on your server when not used.




Custom death logic

Fine-tune what happens when a player dies: Options to reduce item durability, keep equipment, drop only a portion of XP or items carried, drop chance per inventory slot, respawn health and hunger points etc.


Modify day/night cycle

Increase or decrease duration of day or night, disable sleeping, reduce bad weather etc.


Change mob spawning behaviour

Configure how frequently a certain type of mob spawns, disable some spawns completely (for example phantoms) and allow naturally spawning shulkers.


Easy way to add custom crafting recipes

Recipes can be easily added via the config file so you won't need another plugin or heavyweight datapacks for that.


Various other tweaks

Set XP & mending repair amount multiplier, buff vegetarian food, etc.




Server level system

Persistent level based on total experience gained


Recurring rewards

Configure item rewards players can collect in regular intervals







1. Download the plugin jar and place it in the /plugins/ folder

2. Restart the server

3. Configure the plugin by editing /plugins/SMPtweaks/config.yml


Please note that this plugin requires at least Java 16 and Minecraft version 1.17 or higher.




Please refer to the documentation if anything is unclear.




We provide support via Spigot Forums or the HelpChat Discord. If you have any questions, please post in the #general-plugins or #general-plugins-2 channel and make sure to mention your request is regarding SMPtweaks and tag @noni#4879 in your message!


HelpChat is not affiliated with or in any way officially connected to SMPtweaks.




Big thanks to Schmon, c0l0ss0s and the HelpChat community for giving valueable feedback.

If you enjoy SMPtweaks, make sure to leave a review.

Got an idea how we could improve this plugin? Let us know in the Spigot Discussion :)






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