What is SmartExp?

SmartExp is a bukkit plugin that allows server owners and administrators to configure amounts of experience for each mob (monsters and animals, and players) to give when killed.They can even choose if the experience should be dropped or given directly to the player. There is also an option to give players amounts of exp you define for blocks you define in the config! If you guys have some good suggestions, I will also try to incorporate those.

Check out the github to stay updated.

Click here to look at the configuration page.


/exp check to see your exp and level.

/exp check [username] to see another player's exp and level. If you don't have the permission for it it just shows yours.

/exp reload to reload the config.

/exp help to see help.

/exp to see the version


SmartExp.* allows use of all SmartExp commands.

SmartExp.reload allows you to reload the configuration (update the latest changes)

SmartExp.check allows you to check your XP and level.

SmartExp.check.other allows you to check other players' exp.

Planned Features

  1. Add more config files (one for mobs, one for blocks, and leave the main one for miscellaneous options)
  2. Add /exp setlevel command
  3. Add /exp givexp command
  4. Add various other commands of the same sort
  5. ????
  6. Profit


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