Skip the night with only a percentage of online players sleeping, with a configurable animation and messages.
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  • Skip the night with only a percentage of players sleeping.
  • Skip the night with a vote. (Enabled through the config)
  • Animated night skip.
  • Config options for messages, percentage for skip, and animation speed.
  • Support for multiple worlds with independent sleep cycles and tracking.

sleeper.sleep - Allow the use of /sleep to access it's sub-commands. - Allow voting with /sleep yes and /sleep no.
sleeper.reload - Allow the use of /sleepreload to reload the config.
sleeper.ignore - Allow the use of /sleepignore to be ignored for sleep. - Allows the use of /sleepdata to see debug information.

/sleep - Command currently used for votes (sleeper.sleep).
/sleepreload - Reload the config (sleeper.reload).
/sleepignore - Toggle being ignored from sleep calculations (sleeper.ignore).
/sleepdata - Used for debugging (

An up to date config is available here.
Config Values:
UseAnimation - Toggle if skipping is animated or not.
SkipPercentage - Percentage of online players sleeping to skip the night at.
SkipSpeed - Speed for the skip animation.
VoteSkip - Toggle skip votes.
YesMultiplier - Multiplier for yes votes to boost or nerf their value.
NoMultiplier - Multiplier for no votes to boost or nerf their value.
SkipVotePercent - Percent for skipping based on a vote. Calculated as yes votes minus no votes, divided by the amount of online players.
BlockBedsAfterVoting - Blocks entering a bed after you've voted. Also automatically votes yes when entering a bed.
BossbarVoteCount - Display the current vote on the bossbar.
SendVotesOnStart - Toggle sending the vote options when a vote starts.
StartWithoutSleep - Allow starting votes with the vote commands themselves.
After these config values there are configurable messages used by the plugin.

Please report any issues or problems on the github issue tracker or on the discussions page.



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