Slaves 1.0 - Make players your Slaves >:)!


Some players can be pests, some Admins want to be abusive. Slaves allows players to control other players. They can take stuff from their Slaves' inventory, grab things from their Lockette chests, and much more!


  • Owner / Slave rankings
  • Owners can teleport slaves to them
  • Owners can take what is in their Slave's Inventory
  • Owners can give their slaves their Inventory
  • Owners can give the item in their hand to their slave
  • Owners can force slaves to fight players.
  • Owners can get items from Lockette chests within 50 blocks.
  • Most slaves, depending on rank, can free themselves!

Commands and Permissions

The following recipe creates an Apple of Freedom, which frees slaves from their owner!
Freedom Apple
If image doesn't work, click following:

Special Permission Nodes:

  • slaves.*
    • All Permission Nodes
  • slaves.owner
    • A player who can own slaves, but never be one!
  • slaves.player
    • A slave owner who can be a slave!
  • slaves.slave
    • A player who can ONLY be a slave.
  • slaves.useless
    • A slave that cannot free him or herself!
/slave <slave>slaves.createAllows for capturing slaves!
/slave <slave> removeslaves.createAllows you to delete a slave!
/slave <slave> callslaves.callTeleports a slave to you!
/slave <slave> getslaves.getTakes your slave's inventory!
/slave <slave> shareslaves.shareGives your slave your inventory!
/slave <slave> giveslaves.giveGives your slave the current item in your hand!
/slave <slave> fight <target>slaves.fightForces a slave to fight someone. They will be teleported 20 blocks away from the player! If they walk farther than 50 blocks away from the player, they will be teleported, again, 20 blocks from the target!
/slave <slave> abortslaves.fightCancel's a fight missing for your slave!
/slave <slave> cmd <command>slaves.cmdYour slave will be forced to execute a command, if they have permission to use it!
/slave <slave> chest <item> <amount> [data]slaves.chestIf Lockette is installed, then a specific item from a chest within 50 blocks will be taken. The chest must be owned by either you or your slave!


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  1. Your features can be here!
  2. Add Slave costs!
  3. Add more commands
  4. Clean up code


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