Skyowallet v1.3.3


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    Feb 19, 2019
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.13
  • 1.12
  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9
  • 1.8.3



Release v1.3.3

  • Various fixes and improvements.

Release v1.3.2

  • Various fixes and improvements.

Release v1.3.1

  • A critical bug has been fixed.

Release v1.3

  • Brand new synchronization system (featuring SQLite and a lot of bug fixes) !
  • Some little improvements.

Release v1.2.1

  • Added an option to toggle the smart synchronization.
  • Fixed a problem with Vault.

Release v1.2

  • A lot of background changes and bugs fixes.
  • Smart synchronization.
  • Improved the name of messages.
  • Better API.

Release v1.1

  • Added taxes support.
  • Added a rounding support.
  • Added a bank approval system.
  • Added a /skyowallet top [number] command.
  • MySQL sync improved.
  • Some improvements and bugs fixes.

Release v1.0

  • Improved the synchronization system.
  • Now in release !
  • Some improvements and bugs fixes.

Beta v0.4.1

  • Improved the Bounty extension.
  • Updated Skyoconfig.
  • Some improvements.

Beta v0.4

  • Added a Bounty extension.
  • Improved plugin's messages.
  • Some improvements with extensions.
  • Switched from MCStats to bStats.

Beta v0.3.5

  • Fixed some bugs with MySQL.

Beta v0.3.4

  • Some bugs fixed with banks.

Beta v0.3.3

  • Now supports newer versions of Bukkit / Spigot. Please do not use with a version which is too old.

Beta v0.3.2

  • Improved the Vault hook.
  • Improved the sync system (and added a silent mode).
  • Added an extension : KillerIncome.
  • Improved a bit the extension system.
  • Fixed some bugs.

Beta v0.3.1

  • Added the extension ScoreboardInfos.
  • A lot of bugs fixed.

Beta v0.3

  • Added banks support.
  • Added Vault support.
  • Added the permission skyowallet.admin, used to moderate banks and accounts.
  • Improved the extension system.
  • Fixed bugs and performances improvements.

Beta v0.2

  • Added sync-each-modification, when the wallet of a player is changed, the plugin will automatically sync the database.
  • Improved the MySQL database.
  • Impoved a bit the API.
  • Fixed bugs with some commands.

Beta v0.1

  • First Beta.