Last night, SethBling showed off his new map idea, and I went to work to make it into a plugin. This plugin generates SethBling's new map to the closest specs currently available. Specifically:

  • 3 air between each block
  • Only natural blocks
  • Plants grow on grass/dirt
  • Chests contain random items
  • Fixes random water leaks to make it more like single player

View Source on GitHub

Download SkyGridMaker


Inside the grid Above the grid A chest in the grid

How to use

  1. Install multiverse-core.
  2. Put the jar file in your plugins folder and restart the server.
  3. Create a new multiverse world like so:

/mvcreate <worldname> NORMAL -g SkyGridMaker -t FLAT


I will continue to change this plugin as SethBling releases new specifications about SkyGrid. Right now, my generator has more features than his genscript, as well as more than the other plugins currently being posted to BukkitDev.


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