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Have you seen sethbling's SkyGrid and want it for your server? You could copy the save file into the server, but that can be problematic. Players may leave the generated area or memorize where useful chests are. This plugin alleviates both of these issues by allowing bukkit to generate new chunks as needed, and uses the world seed to generate random terrain.

How Is This Different From the Other SkyGrid Plugins?

I hadn't realized that there were so many SkyGrid plugins until after I had finished this one, but with all the other ones I looked at, mine had something they all lacked: accuracy with the original script. Yes, they all produce worlds that appear in the grid pattern, and some even place chests like the original, but they all differ from how sethbling made his world. Some don't fill the chests with the proper items that the original had, and almost all failed to have the exact same block probability as the original. (I have found SkyGridSMP, which appears to have the proper probability, but it lacks bonus chests.) This plugin is the most faithful one out there to the original.




Usage is very simple. Put the plugin file into the plugin folder to install the generator. To activate, add the following lines to bukkit.yml:

    generator: SkyGrid
    generator: SkyGrid

If you changed the name of your main world in the file, replace world with the name of your world. If you wish to apply this world generator to a world, add the world name to the list above or see if your multi-world plugin can set the generator. DO NOT set The End (or a world with that environment) to use this generator; it will crash your server.

If you wish to change the height that the world generates up to, change the "generator" line as follows:

generator: SkyGrid:<height>

where <height> is how height you want the world to generate. Players can still build above the grid limit, but the grid itself won't go above the set value. It must be a MULTIPLE of 16!!! If it isn't, it will round down to the nearest multiple. An example:

generator: SkyGrid:32

Source Available Here

Improvements from the original

This plugin takes the original filter script pretty much verbatim with a few fixes:

  • The end portal has been fixed (there were some direction problems)
  • Cacti will not appear at the very bottom of the map (which made it fall immediately)
  • Water and lava (and cacti) will not appear above cacti or reeds (the growth of the plants would cause the fluid to update)
  • Chests have a %30 chance of containing a dye (about %1.8 chance of containing the otherwise unobtainable cocoa beans)


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