How to install and use Sky-Block Wars

1. If you had a previous version via github or private link then delete all your folders to update everything. If you are getting it off Bukkit-dev then continue to step 2.

2. Stop the server.

3. Place the .jar in your plugins folder.

4. Start the server to get all the project configs.

5. Modify the config.yml to your liking.

6. Once you edited it to save the changes do /sw reload.

7. Log onto the server and prepare your island. EIther using the pre-made (4 island) schematic or making your own custom arena.

8 Select two points using the world edit wand or the world edit commands around the arena. Allowing a few blocks from the top/bottom block and the side blocks so the players don't glitch in the anti-arena leave.

9. Once you have your selection do "/sw create" to create an arena.

10. Next do "/sw edit arenaID" to go into edit mode for that arena.

11. For each spawn location (as many as you want) do "/sw addspawn".

12. For each chest do "/sw addchest type". Default chest types are "spawn", "side" and "center". Custom chests can be added using "/sw addchesttype name". You can then go to the "custom-chests.yml" file and edit your custom chest adding items "ID,AMOUNT" following the same format as the default chests. Max amount of entries per chest is 27. Double chests not supported.

13. Now you need to set the waiting area for that arena with "/sw setwaiting arena".

14. Do "/sw finish" to exit edit mode.

15. Next type "/sw activate arena" to initiate the arena and allow people to join. "/sw deactivate" will set the arena to deactivate at the end of the game. To forcefully end the game you can do "/sw endgame arena" or if that command doesn't work and the arena is broken "/sw prepare arena" will force reset it losing all items of players stuck in that game (use only when necessary).

16. Also "/sw disable arena" will remove the game from the list and disallow it from being edited or played. "/sw enable arena " to load it again.

Thats all you should need to know. All commands are listed in "/sw". Have fun.

Video is outdated. Updating soon.

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