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This plugin is not working on 1.13.x and 1.14.x!

If you know how to program with NMS and want to let this work, please contact me.



Hey Guys, today im releasing my project SkinLoader public. Its an plugin which exists since 3.12.2018. It was made for a server to change the skin for players. Players were able to buy a skin for 5000 coins and to play with their bought skins in every minigame. The SkinLoader was at first a part of the lobbysystem, so i had to made a SkinLoader that works on every minigame-server, thats the first version. After the release on the server there were a lot of bugs in the plugin, so i decidet to program the SkinLoader again from ground-up and thats the version im releasing today. In the past time i saw some problems in the plugin, as example it has to handle with the mojang-api-limitations, so thats why im currently programming SkinLoaderV3. It will be more easier for developers to use all the methods which are implemented. If you want to know why im releasing this version, the answer is: While im programming the V3 i want you to be able to try yourself on the api and later you have an great api and know how to work with it. 


What is SkinLoader?

SkinLoader is an API for developers to manage skin-switching for players. As example you can program a gui-system ingame to let players buy, select and play with other skins.

Because skin-switching could be difficult to handle with nick-systems on you server, SkinLoader has an implemented nick-system, which works pretty good. It also has an MySQL database to save autonick-decisions.

There is another thing to have in mind: The tablist/scoreboard. Because of the nick-system you have to change the team of the player when he nicks. So thats why it has the "CallScoreboardEvent", which gets called when a scoreboard-update is needed.



Developers need to know how to work with an api, so in V3 all essential methods have explanations what they do and how they do that.

If you want to enable the debug-mode of SkinLoader, go in plugins/SkinLoader/config.yml and set "info: true".

Here are classes which you can use for your plugin:

  • Info | Debug-manager for SkinLoader. Enable it in config to use it for yourself.
  • User | Contains nick- and skinchanging methods. Get a user with User.getUser(Player/Name).
  • Database | Contains all loaded Skins and Profiles.
  • Manager | Loads informations at onEnable from MySQL and can get UUIDs and names.
  • ProfileManager | All methods for profiles are in it.
  • SkinManager | All methods for skins are in it.

Dont forget to take a look in the Source.


Version 3

Version 3 is out since a few days and has some changes from V2. Methods are in new classes and debug-mode is available. Im not planning to release a version for 1.9.x and above, but i will work on it when i have time for that. If you find bugs or anything like that, please report these.



Here are some tech-demos for SkinLoader. You can see how SkinLoader got use in it and learn how to use SkinLoader for your own plugins:




Nick and Skin-Switching is only possible because of the work of BlvckBytes' AutoNick


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