This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


SkinChanger is a small plugin with fully customizable messages that allows you to change player skins to other players and display names using commands without requiring Spout or another custom client! You can also have a list of usernames in the configuration and when a player joins, the player will have a random skin out of the list of usernames (can have 1 player).


  • Commands
  • Permissions
  • Skin changing when someone joins.
  • Right-clicking players can change a player's skin.
  • Fully customizable messages.
  • Auto-updating.
  • Does not require Spout/another custom client.

Commands and Permissions

N/aHave a random skin when joiningskinchanger.joinskin
skinchangerSends plugin information to the player.N/a
skinchanger reloadReload the configuration.skinchanger.reload
changeskin <username>Change your skin to another player's
changeskin <username> <player>Change a player's skin to another player's
changename <username>Change your display name to another player's display
changename <username> <player>Change a player's display name to another player's display
skinclickerToggle right-clicking of skinsskinchanger.skinclicker
resetchanges <username>Reset your display name and skin.skinchanger.reset
resetchanges <username> <player>Reset a player's display name and skin.skinchanger.reset.other


You NEED ProtocolLib for this plugin to work.


KeyDescriptionDefault value
Check for updatesCheck for updates when the plugin loads.True
Automatically updateIf an update is found, automatically update the plugin.False
Change skin on joinChange a player's skin when they join.False
Player join skinsList of player skin usernames.KingFaris10

Example Skins

Note: Players with certain hacked clients do not see the skin changes.

Source code


Please do not copy and paste this code and make it yours (even if you give me credit) and please do not post any of this code to BukkitDev (unless it's a util class such as Comphenix's PlayerDisplayModifier) without receiving my permission.

SkinAPI and developer tutorial:

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