Simulated Item Market Shops

Simulated Item Market Shops

Description ====

Tired of always having your servers shop prices being static? Well now is the time to bring added realism to your bukkit, spitgot or tekkit servers. SIM offers a configurable price system, that is also based on the supply and demand of the item. You are also allowed to trade not only with a global shop with players. All economy and permissions plugins are supported

Dependencies ====

- Vault

Features ====

  1. Buy and sell via ingame commands and signs
  2. Prices change dynamically
  3. Trade with players or the global shop
  4. Limit the amount per transaction
  5. List ingame of all items and prices
  6. Tekkit support
  7. Shop opening times
  8. Quick commands
  9. Also Buy/Sell taxes

- Code in data values (Currently working on)
- Global item database with prices for full dynamic prices across all SIM servers

Currently Working for:
- Spigot 1.8.jar/Craftbukkit1.8.jar
- Tekkit Classic/Bukkit 1.2.5
- Tekkit/Bukkit 1.6.4



How to create Shop Signs



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