Allows players with the right permission to sprint faster, jump higher, and *hit harder* than normal players.
(More planned, also leave idea's in the comments!)

Drop the .jar into your plugins folder
Restart your server

None! :D

Permissions: - Gives the player the boosted sprint effect.
sprint.jump - Gives the player the jump effect. - Gives the player the protection effect.

Upcoming features:

I'm out of ideas for the plugin, post ideas below and they will be considered.
Although I'm not currently adding things to the plugin, i WILL update to the latest recommended builds.


Version 1.0
First version!

Version 2.0
Added permission support!

Version 2.1

Added 2 more effects:
Jump boost, when crouching - needs permission "sprint.jump"
Protection boost, when blocking - needs permission ""

Added 2 permissions:
sprint.jump - Needed for the jump boost
sprint.protect - Needed for the protection boost

Version 2.2

Cleaned up code:
Only one file now, instead of 4.

Updated to latest bukkit build: CB 1.2.5-R5.0

Version 2.3
Updated to 1.3.1 Dev build

Version 2.4
Cleaned up code - some more.
Updated to latest bukkit build: CB 1.3.1-R1.0

Version 2.5
Bug fix: Now when flying down you don't receive the "high jump" effect. :D

Added permissions: - give this to players to enable the protection boost.
sprint.jump - give this to players to enable the jump boost.

Credits for plugin:

@WarmakerT: Helped me a LOT with making this, deserves all the cookies.
@zAsbo: The original idea.
Big thanks to danderman69 for the logo/signature!


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