Are you always teleporting that player, turning off the weather, or doing some other mundane task all the time? Are your players always forgetting commands for plugins that get used all the time? Well, with SimpleCommandSigns it is no more! Just install the plugin in your plugins directory, set up the simple config file located in the folder plugins/SimpleCommandSigns and you are ready to go! To use just right click a sign!


  • Commandless!
  • Easy to use!
  • Integrates with LWC to lock those signs
  • Executes as the player that hits the sign
  • Configurable
  • Add the player's name to the command using the %p parameter anywhere in the command. (Example "/say %p Just rang Tux2's doorbell." would output the message: "Player just rang Tux2's doorbell.")
  • Permissions (Permissions 2.x, 3.x, and Bukkit SuperPerms support)
  • Will not run away and join the sponge rebellion

How to Create a Sign

  1. On the top line put: "[SCS]" or the custom one defined in your config file
  2. On the other 3 lines put the command
  3. If the creation is successful the top line will turn green
  4. Right click the sign to run the command


  • scsigns.create - the ability to create a command sign
  • scsigns.use - the ablilty to use a command sign
  • scsigns.autolock - have LWC autolock the sign

Need more functionality? Look no further: HiddenCommandSigns, RedstoneCommandSigns


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