SimpleClans 2.5+

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”
—Hans Hofmann
SimpleClans is a full featured Clan system for PvP servers.
Although with its highly customizable configuration, it can be used in other types of servers as well (RPG, survival, etc.).
- Wars
Land sharing (WorldGuard, PlotSquared, GriefPrevention, Landlord)
- MySQL and SQLite
- Economy support (Vault)
- KDR tracking
- Kill reward
- Chat for clans and alliances
- Bank account
- Bulletin board
- Upkeep and member fee
- Friendly fire settings
- Alliances and rivalries
- Vitals and coordinates
- Home and regroup
- Default ranks: leader, trusted and non-trusted
- Custom ranks and permissions per clan
- Verified and permanent status
- Smart TAB completions
- Leaderboard via commands or GUI
- Moderation commands
- Spy chat
API with 25+ events
- Tamable mobs sharing
- Voting
- /clan create - creates a clan
- /clan invite - invites someone to your clan
- /clan leaderboard - shows the best players
- /clan war - starts/ends wars
- /clan land - shares lands with your clan members
- /clan ally - adds/removes alliances
- /clan home - sets/teleports to your clan base
- /clan list - lists all clans
- /clan profile - shows information about a clan
- /clan lookup - shows information about a player
- /clan promote - promotes a member to leader
- /clan trust - trusts a member
- /ally <message> and /. <message> - to talk with clan members or allies
- /clan bank - manages the bank account
- simpleclans.anyone.* - (Auto added) Permissions for anyone
- simpleclans.member.* - (Auto added) Permissions for those who can be clan members
- simpleclans.leader.* - (Auto added) Permissions for those who can be clan leaders
- simpleclans.mod.* - (Auto added to OPs) Permissions for moderators
- simpleclans.admin.* - (Auto added to OPs) Permissions for admins
- Bug reports and source code:
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