• SimplifiedSpawns is a plugin that enables server owners to set their server spawnpoint without using big plugins such as Essentials!


There are 4 Commands , Which are

  • /setspawn
  • /spawn
  • /shelp
  • /sreload

Commands Description

  • /setspawn : This Commands allows you to set the spawn which would later be saved in the Configuration file in your plugins folder. Just stand at the location where you would want your sever spawn located, type in command /setspawn , and voilah! You have setted your server spawnpoint!And yes, the spawn coordinates could also be edited in the Config file.
  • /spawn : This command teleports the player to the servers spawnpoint, which you have set!
  • /shelp : This commands shows you a list of commands/Permissions for SimpleSpawn! All commands And permissions are inside the SimpleSpawn Help List, which could be used if needed help! Here's a picture of how it looks like : 
  • /sreload Usage: This command reloads the config file!


If You have a Permissions Plugin ETC. [Pex , GroupManager]

  • simplifiedspawn.setspawn : Lets the server owner or Administrator perform the /setspawn Command!
  • simplifiedspawn.spawn : Lets a normal player , or the player who would like to perform this command , excecute /spawn
  • simplifiedspawn.shelp : Allows the server owner/Administrator to display a list of Commands/Permissions in the chat, Which could be used if needed help with commands in this plugin.
  • simplifiedspawn.sreload : Lets the Server Owner or Administrator to Perform the sreload Command!
  • simplifiedspawn.sign : Allows the Owner or Administrator to set the spawn signs! If the player does not have this permission, the sign would automatically be broken when , [spawn] is typed into the sign.


If You would Like to teleport to and fro using signs, Then this Plugin is for you!

To set up the signs, Simply type in : [spawn]



When you click done, the sign would automatically change to :



Usage: To teleport using signs, simply Right-Click the sign!




  • If there's an Event where a bug could occur , feel free to send me a Skype Request , Or Submit A ticket.


  • If you Have a suggestion , feel free to sent me a ticket. Or Comment in the description! If its really urgent, Feel free to PM me About it!


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