API Setup

Simple Sit API Setup

This is the Simple Sit API Setup page here you will learn how to setup the API with your plugin! Lets get started!

NOTE: only works in Simple Sit 1.3+

Setting Up

  • To allow your plugin to use the custom Simple Sit API events. You need to right click on your project and then click properties http://dev.bukkit.org/thumbman/images/87/763/398x600/API_IMAGE_TUT_1.png.-m1.png
  • Now click Java Build Path then click add External JARs http://dev.bukkit.org/thumbman/images/87/767/600x469/API_IMAGE_TUT_2.png.-m1.png
  • Your going to select the latest Simple Sit.jar then click open http://dev.bukkit.org/thumbman/images/87/765/600x349/API_IMAGE_TUT_3.png.-m1.png
  • Click ok and your done you can find info about the API here! Example: http://dev.bukkit.org/thumbman/images/87/766/600x521/API_IMAGE_TUT_4.png.-m1.png


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