Simple Bukkit Calculator

Simple Bukkit Calculator

This is a plugin that allows you to do calculations ingame!
It can be useful when you don't want to use your systems calculator.
It has many operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponents, roots, absolute value, sine, cosine, tangent, and their hyperbolic types.


/add <addend> <addend>
/subtract <minuend> <subtrahend>
/multiply <multiplicand> <multiplier>
/divide <dividend> <divisor>
/exponent <base number> <exponent>
/root <degree> <radicand>
/sqrt <radicand>
/cbrt <radicand>
/square <base number>
/cube <base number>
/abs <number>
/sin <number>
/cos <number>
/tan <number>
/sinh <number>
/cosh <number>
/tanh <number>


calculator.addition - Can use /add
calculator.subtraction - Can use /subtract
calculator.multiplication - Can use /multiply
calculator.division - Can use /divide
calculator.exponent - Can use /exponent
calculator.root - Can use /root
calculator.sqrt - Can use /sqrt
calculator.cbrt - Can use /cbrt
calculator.square - Can use /square
calculator.cube - Can use /cube
calculator.abs - Can use /abs
calculator.sin - Can use /sin
calculator.cos - Can use /cos
calculator.tan - Can use /tan
calculator.sinh - Can use /sinh
calculator.cosh - Can use /cosh
calculator.tanh - Can use /tanh


-For any operation, you can use "E". Such as "9E4" would be short for 90000 because 9 * 10^4 = 90000 or simply this is a shorter scientific notation.
-Adding "F" after a number will change it to a float. E.G. "54375.43543F".
-The trigonometric functions take in radians not angles


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