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In any economy, advertising is a wonderful tool to get things moving, now you can get it in your servers economy, without all the spammy messing!

Shop Ads lets your players pay in-game to have the server broadcast an ad for their shop or business. Optionally you can then have others warp to that shop, check it out and be popped back where they were before once they have had a good look :D Players pay depending on how many hours they want their ad to run for and Shop Ads handles all warps and costs. Leaving players free to have fun, and you free to join them!

Originally developed by hpiz and now maintained by Phush.


  • Multi-World - Handle worlds your way!
  • Multi-Ads - Players can support more than 1 shop and 1 ad each.
  • Super Customisable - You can configure almost everything about Shop Ads
  • Warp and TP - TP to shops for a limited time, with resettable shop warps. (Optional)
  • Vault Econ - Works with almost any econ plugin to charge for ads and tps. (Optional)
  • Toggle Friendly! - You can hide ads from your chat if ye like. (Optional)


Found an issue or a bug? Create a ticket here, and hit me up with an email (


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