Shire Sheep

ShireSheep - Multicolour Sheep! (Supports 1.15.1)

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When sheep spawn, this plugin will dye them a random colour. You can also enable an option which lets you set the probabilities for different colours.

How do I use this plugin?
Simply drop it into your plugins folder - no configuration is required, but you can configure the probabilities of the colours if you want to.

Why would I want this plugin?
To brighten up your server!

What Minecraft version has this been made for?
The most recent version has been built for Minecraft 1.15.1. If you're using an older version of Minecraft, then check the 'Files' page for older versions of this plugin.

Oh no! Something is wrong!
Copy and paste your error into this topic, make sure you wrap it in code tags.

But there are no errors!
Are you sure it's installed? Try: checking your plugins folder and/or typing /pl

Servers currently using ShireSheep
The Shire - (Address:
Post in the comments below if your server is using ShireSheep and you could get added to this list.

A massive THANK-YOU goes to everyone who uses ShireSheep, over *8000* downloads and counting! :D

Click here for help with configuration


Feedback? Suggestions? Please post in the comments section below and I'll respond as soon as I can.


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