Shipments is a simple way to sell items to the server for money. Place items in a chest, click the ship sign, you'll be given a total value and can ship instantly!


  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Works with all currency plugins supporting Vault.
  • Does not ship items not in the config.
  • Works with with most chest lock systems. Lockette/LWC
  • 100% Compatible with Cauldron/MCPC+

How to use it?

  1. Place a Chest
  2. Above the chest place a sign with [Shipment] on the 2nd line.
  3. Place items to sell in the chest, then R-Click the sign.
  4. It will tell you the total sale price, type /sh ship to ship your items.
  5. Done. The chest will be emptied and the money is in your account!

Commands & Permissions

All permissions default to true, except reload.

Make a [Shipment] sign -

/sh ship - shipments.ship - This ships the item or not after you have R-Clicked the sign.

/sh list - shipments.list - Lists the items that can be sold

/sh help - - Lists commands

/sh reload - shipments.reload - Reloads the config for live price updating


This plugin uses MCStats to get anonymous infos on how people use it, such as version number and server OS. This helps make a better plugin for the future! You can disable it via the metrics config in your plugins folder.


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