ShadowLinks allows your users to use short simple commands in order to find useful links to your servers essential website pages. There is also the ability to allow players to save personal notes. This is my first plugin therefore it is very simple. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thank you for downloading ShadowLinks!


My Forum (ShadowBlox): Please feel free to join and contact me if you need help setting up the plugin, have suggestions or just want to be part of an awesome community! 


Please remember to delete the old configuration file in between version or extend in manually.



  • Display useful links to your servers essential pages.
  • Allows players to save and view notes.


  • /map - Displays a link where people can view your server map.
  • /vote - Displays a link where people can vote for your server.
  • /website - Displays your servers website link.
  • /facebook - Displays your servers Facebook page link.
  • /twitter - Displays your servers Twitter link.
  • /twitch - Displays your servers Twitch TV link.
  • /youtube - Displays your servers Youtube link.
  • /donate - Displays your servers donation link.
  • /discord - Displays your servers Discord.
  • /forum - Displays your servers Forum.
  • /instagram - Displays your servers Instagram link.
  • /contest - Displays a contest link.
  • /teamspeak - Displays your servers Teamspeak IP.
  • /mumble - Displays your servers Mumble IP.
  • /note save <Note Text> - Allows players to save a note.
  • /note read - Allows players to read all their notes.
  • /note delete <Number> - Allows the player to delete any of their notes.

You have the ability to configure all the links in the configuration file. You can also choose which commands are disabled and enabled.


  • shadowlinks.linkvote - Needed for /vote.
  • shadowlinks.linkforum - Needed for /forum.
  • shadowlinks.linkdiscord - Needed for /discord.
  • shadowlinks.linkmap - Needed for /map.
  • shadowlinks.linkwebsite - Needed for /website.
  • shadowlinks.linkfacebook - Needed for /facebook.
  • shadowlinks.linktwitter - Needed for /twitter.
  • shadowlinks.linktwitch - Needed for /twitch.
  • shadowlinks.linkmumble - Needed for /mumble.
  • shadowlinks.linkyoutube - Needed for /youtube.
  • shadowlinks.linkdonate - Needed for /donate.
  • shadowlinks.linkinstagram - Needed for /instagram.
  • shadowlinks.linkcontest - Needed for /contest.
  • - Needed for /note save.
  • - Needed for /note read.
  • shadowlinks.note.delete - Needed for /note delete

Source Code

The source code can be found on GitHub here:


  • 2.1 -
  1. Added Discord command.
  2. Added Forum command.
  3. Edited Config file so that Mumble and Teamspeak are disabled by default.
  4. Added bStats for Plugin Metrics.
  • 2.0 -
  1. Renamed the plugin back to ShadowBlox as that is the name of my current Minecraft company.
  2. Updated to Minecraft 1.13.2 (Latest version of the time of publishing).
  3. Removed Metrics because I think that website is dead. 
  • 1.6 -
  1. Renamed the plugin so it's more appropriate for my new servers name.
  2. Added a /map command.
  3. Fixed some spelling and grammar issues.
  4. Updated to Minecraft 1.7.2.
  • 1.5 -
  1. Updated the plugin for Minecraft 1.6.2
  2. Added a /mumble command for those of you who prefer mumble over Teamspeak.
  3. Added a /twitch command for Twitch TV as requested.
  4. Fixed a few typos.
  • 1.4.2 -
  1. Fixed a new permissions glitch where you had to be OP and have the permission. You now only need to be/ have one or the other.
  2. Made the plugin.yml better and more efficient.
  • 1.4.1 -
  1. Fixed a permissions glitch where the plugin said you don't have the permission node even if you do.
  2. Fixed the note messages when listing note commands.
  • 1.4 -
  1. Make the code for the plugin more professional and easier to read.
  2. Published the code on GitHub and changed the licence to GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  3. Added plugin metrics.
  4. Changed the way the note commands work. They now work through a command and strings.
  5. Changed what some messages say.
  6. Updated for Minecraft 1.5.1
  • 1.3.1 -
  1. Fixed the error on deleting a note.
  • 1.3 -
  1. Fixed permission nodes glitch where permissions for the notes system did not work.
  2. Change the permissions for some commands.
  3. Added /contest
  4. Other small bug fixes including spelling mistakes.
  • 1.2 -
  1. Changed the note commands. They are now /notesave, /noteread and /notedelete.
  2. You can now save, read and delete multiple notes.
  3. Changed the note permission nodes. They are now, and mrlinks.note.delete.
  4. Fixed some bugs and typos.
  • 1.1 -
  1. Fixed Twitter glitch where it said "The Luke's Twitter". It now says "You can find the server's Twitter link here:"
  2. Fixed note permission glitch where it did not actually check for the permission.
  3. Added the ability to disable or enable any command.
  4. Added /instagram
  5. Added /donate


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